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Texting FAQ – We have included helpful information in a Questions & Answers format below for your convenience. Hit the > sign to expand to see the answers and resources to learn more. Tap the arrows to expand the content to view answers to common questions about SMS and MMS Marketing. Many of the responses provide links to learn more about a specific topic.

With the question and answer format and the responses we provide, you can learn general information about the basics of business texting as well as valuable tips, insights and strategies about how to actually reach your customers directly. Our list of answers to various Texting FAQ’s can provide you with the answers you need about SMS Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Business Texting.

Texting FAQ

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SMS is the acronym for Short Message Service. It is one of the most widely used forms of mobile communications. It was invented in the 1980’s and is one of the oldest forms of text message technologies. With Mobile High 5, you can send texts directly from your computer or smart phone.

MMS is the acronym for Multimedia Messaging Service. It was built using similar the technology as SMS to allow mobile users to send and receive multi-media content. Typically, MMS is used to send picture messages combined with text, from your computer, and can also be utilized to send audio files, GIF’s, video files, phone contacts and other file types.

Text Messaging is one of the most used applications on today’s smartphones. SMS and MMS messages are required to be sent over a cellular network, so they only require a wireless plan from cellular carriers to get started. Today, most cellular plans in the U.S. include unlimited messages.

Standard SMS Messages include up to 160 characters per message. If a message contains more than 160 characters, some providers may chain or break up the content into 160 character segments depending upon the length of the message.

With MMS messages, the message length may vary based on the provider, but typically may include 500 characters or more, depending upon the provider and carrier, as well as there are limitations on the overall size of the media and text message included.

A Short Code is a special five or six-digit telephone number specifically designated to send and receive SMS and MMS text messages from your computer. There are Vanity shortcodes, where a business can select specific digits like 222555 and random shortcodes where the carrier simply assigns an available string of digits, like 93472.

The shortcode is a number assigned to a business or brand. Because of the lead time required and considerable initial and ongoing monthly costs, shortcodes are typically assigned to major brands or large businesses. Shortcodes are intended to handle large volumes of messages and are subject to strict requirements and audits by the carriers. The carriers are looking to eliminate shared shortcodes and only allow one brand per shortcode. This requires each brand to use their own dedicated number. For most small businesses a short code is too expensive. Less expensive options are long codes which are either 10 digit long codes or toll-free numbers. See What is a long code for more information. 

A Long Code is a 10 digit phone number used for telecommunications. There are two types of long codes.1) Toll-free 800 numbers that can be enabled for texting, either using an existing business toll-free number or a new toll-free number assigned specifically for texting purposes. Toll-free numbers are designated for higher volume application-to-person (A2P) messaging, such as appointment reminders, mobile marketing, high volume alerts.

2)10 DLC – a ten digit phone number, usually assigned from a local area code, that is assigned for lower volume person-to-person (P2P) messaging, such as customer service or chat scenarios. There are industry and carrier discussions that 10 DLC’s may also increase throughput for A2P messaging. Businesses can, by signing a letter of intent, enable to their current, local business number for texting. If you want to use this option, reach out – we can help you enable your existing business line for SMS & MMS texting.

An SMS Keyword is a word that consumers text to a 5 or 6 digit Short Code (or Long Code) using their mobile phone.

An example is text “High5” to 55678 to learn more about business services that are provided by Mobile High 5. Think of a keyword as your campaign word.

The Keyword is the mechanism for interaction with the business or brand associated with a Short Code for a mobile messaging or mobile marketing campaign. Processing using SMS is quite simple: Once a keyword is sent to a shortcode for the first time for that customer, the customer initializes the opt-in process. An automatic response is typically triggered to provide the sender with a specific message, link, etc. such as to confirm their desire to opt-in by replying with Y or Yes.

Once the opt-in process is completed, the customer may receive future messages. Opt-in may not be required for certain service or transactional messages. Keywords can also be used in the exactly same manner for Long Codes!

To ensure consistency in text communications, providers must reserve certain Keywords for universal use.

One example is the Keyword “HELP” for consumers to request assistance, so anyone can simply reply HELP to a message to get assistance regarding the messaging campaign or how they may opt-out. In addition, to make it easy for customers to unsubscribe from a campaign, other reserved words include “STOP”, “UNSUBSCRIBE” and “END”, so when a consumer replies STOP, the provider must unsubscribe the user from future communications. To restart communications after unsubscribing, customers can use “UNSTOP” or “RESTART” in reply to the phone number used for texting to subscribe again. 

These are just some of the requirements and practices set out by the the Carriers and the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association or, CTIA.

Text message marketing is so effective based on its versatility and responsiveness.

Almost all mobile phone users have their phone within arm’s reach and SMS has a read rate of 98% within 5 minutes. For comparison, email has a read rate of 16 – 20%. With social media platforms, only a small fraction of your followers see your posts, unless you pay for boosts or spend for advertising.

Bottom line, SMS Text is one of the best marketing and communications tools around! Businesses and organizations can reach thousands of contacts instantly.


API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface.

Essentially, API’s let systems “talk” to each other. Kinda like “Have your system talk to my system”, but all hands free. API’s are critical for proving integrations for e-commerce, POS, Online Ordering, CRMs and automations with other systems.

At Mobile High 5, we can typically connect your POS, e-commerce, online ordering or other systems to interact with our text messaging platform.

For example, if you use Woo Commerce, Magento or Shopify (or other e-commerce platform) and complete a new order, we can instantly invite customers that provide a mobile number into a loyalty program, assign loyalty points and more.

If you plan to send marketing messages to these customers, the message campaign would integrate the opt-in process. Once fully opted-in, contacts can receive automated messages, mobile offers, loyalty rewards and more via SMS Text, all without any extra staff interactions.

One of the best integration options we have is for retail businesses that also have an e-commerce component. We integrate both in-store and online purchase transactions so the customer earns points regardless of where they shop with you! Recording the purchase transactions into our loyalty programs is processes automatically, so you are not reliant on staff to remember to add points for a purchase. 

We set up the integrations so that the systems interact with each other behind the scenes. In some cases, we use third-party tools, such as Zapier, to manage the connections, in certain situations the API configurations and settings may need to involve a developer. We offer a number of options, but it may depend on the POS, CRM, Online Ordering or eCommerce platform you are using. Talk to us about the systems you are using and we can explore integrations. 


It is really all about cutting through all the noise customers experience from email, various social media platforms and apps. SMS Text is favored as it is short, sweet and actionable.

You will see increased customer engagement and with more engagement, repeat business will follow.

The growth of mobile phone ownership continues at peak levels and the average time spent on mobile phones daily by adults in the U.S. is about 3 hours. Your business should be present where customers spend their time, so SMS is one of the most powerful tools available. Most of our personal and business communications are conducted by smartphone, so as Text operates natively on all cell phones users can view messages instantly without having to open a separate app.

It only makes sense that to reach people where they already are! Perhaps one of the most important metrics is the level of responsiveness and engagement you will see with SMS Text Marketing compared to email marketing.

SMS Text has an open rate of 95% within 3 minutes and 98% within 5 minutes. Estimates for email open rates is between 16% and 20%. Also, if you want to operate at the speed of business, the average response time to a text message is 90 seconds, where the average response time to an email is 90 minutes (consider, if it is ever opened).

We typically will post about trends and statistics in the mobile arena and with SMS Text, so be sure to view and follow us on our Social Media channels: InstagramFacebookLinkedInGoogle My Business , Twitter, and Pinterest. In addition, for more in-depth insights and news, visit our blog and subscribe.


Managing Lines or Queues is critically important in this pandemic for the safety of customers and your staff. Waitlist software can also be useful at all times where you may have peaks in activity, visits, reservations or appointments.

A typical use case would be a customer can text a Keyword to a phone number to be added to a list or they could provide their mobile number to a host / hostess at a restaurant.

Mobile High 5 offers Waitlist ,which is a perfect tool to assist restaurants facing inside dining capacity restrictions or peak periods, such as busy Fridays or Saturdays. Waitlist is a two-way text communications tool. Gather information from customers when they arrive and send a text notification when their table is ready. With our solution, customers can join contact-free by scanning a QR Code, texting a in a keyword or speaking with an associate or hostess.

Customers can check to see where they are on the waitlist and they can update their status. You can choose to allow customers to add their name remotely to the list or you can require that they are present to add their name to the list. Our solution also sounds an audible signal for the convenience for your staff.

With our Waitlist solution, you can send custom 1:1 messages or you can send pre-drafted template messages to customers to save time. You can also extend a coupon to customers if you are running into longer than expected wait times.

Waitlist is also a great tool for you to be able to avoid crowded lobbies or waiting areas.

Waitlist can be configured for several other scenarios including:

  1. Contactless Curbside Pickup
  2. Student Pickup at Schools or Childcare Facilities
  3. Medical Practices, Dental Offices and Pharmacies
  4. Managing lines at Vaccination Sites
  5. Pet Drop Off & Pet Pickup at Veterinary Hospitals
  6. Retail Stores, Banks, Special Events and more.

Once you add Waitlist, you will likely explore other options with us to be able to reach customers via text.


There are several solutions and configurations we have available for contactless Curbside Pickup.

We can configure our waitlist solution so as customers arrive to pickup their order, staff members can see the awaiting order pickups using our dashboard. This can work very well for high volume establishments with a high number of orders at peak periods.

We can also configure a workflow so that when customers arrive, they send a keyword such as Curbside to a designated phone number and they receive an immediate automatic response, which will ask them for pertinent information such as name, order number or car make /model.

Alternatively, you can include a link with their order confirmation, so the customer simply clicks on an “I’m Here” button when they arrive for pickup. When a text arrives, staff hears an audible alert.

Bottom line, we have several tools that are easy to use and we’ll customize a message flow and solution to your specific needs.


With Mobile High 5 we have several ways customers can join your Mobile Subscriber Database.

The most effective way is to have the customer join through an interaction either in store or on-line.

1) Mobile High 5 can provide a customer facing tablet branded for your business where customers can enter their mobile number on one of our smart tablets.

2) In certain cases, we can send an invite to a customer who completes an order through our API integrations.

3) We have safe options for customers to join contact-free, where customers can scan a dynamic QR Code is displayed on the tablet without having to touch a screen.

4) In addition, if you prefer that your associates welcome customers to the program, we have associate facing tablets, and /or Check In Manager tools to make the process fast & easy!

5) Customers can scan a static QR Code that we can provide for in-store signage, social media or online. Customers simply scan the code, the phone will repopulate a text message and the customer simply presses send!

6) Customers can send a Keyword to your text phone number (a Short Code or Long Code – a 10-digit phone number designated for your business for text messaging)

7) Customers can join by completing a web form from your website or posted on social media. We provide the embed code for your website or social media account.

Many clients deploy more than 1 of these options. As a Full Service firm, we learn more about your company, existing systems and customer interactions and we recommend the optimal course of action.

Building the list is just the first part. As we say It’s Not All About That Bass – No, It’s All About That Database…Database…Database.

We’ll show you how to capture customer data that can trigger customers automatically, for example capture birthday for a birthday club offer, or capturing zip code or store location if you want to target messages to a specific segment of your contacts.

Yes, Mobile High 5 can use several tools to collect data so you can personalize messages and offers to match customer information and preferences.

For example, it is customary to capture the customer’s first name, so that we may include that in future messages to personally address the customer. That is only the start.

Mobile High 5 has 12 Customizable Fields for data capture. These can be used to capture customer’s preferences for products, services, types of information or offers they are interested in, if they want to participate in contests and other attributes. Some of the Standard Fields include name, street address, state, zip code, birthday and more.

Trigger Messages: One of our tools is very simple – we can create a trigger message to request a data point that is not completed on a customer’s account. For example, if you have a birthday club and the customer has not provided a birthdate, we can send a message let’s say on Thursdays at 12 PM (or other day or time) to customers where birthday is blank. We can also configure your program to send such a request x minutes or days after a customer joins.

Customer Profile: Shortly after a customer joins your program we can send the customer a profile form which invites the customer to provide additional information and preferences. Their mobile number will be pre-filled for their convenience. We can also provide the customer profile form via a link or it can be posted on your website. When a customer completes the profile form, we can also reward them with a special offer to redeem on their next purchase.

We can also use APIs to gather information and connect with your other systems. If you are migrating from another system, we can Upload certain information without you having to request the information from the customer again.

These are just a few methods for data capture. It is best to capture customer information gradually, over time. Talk to us about what information is most important for your business and we can develop strategies to capture that information for you.

Capturing customer contact info should be your first priority. Typically for mobile marketing that means the customer’s mobile number and asking for them to formally opt-in to your campaign keyword. After that, you will gain control to request and capture additional information, as needed.

You may already have some customer information from your website, e-commerce or other systems. As long as we cave a common element, such as mobile number can can upload existing information into your mobile subscriber database. It is common to collect birthdays, anniversaries, first and last names, customer preferences, demographics and more. A critical piece is knowing how you want to segment messages or offers. We then work with you to create processes to capture that information gradually over time.

We can use our check-in manager software as a tool to have associates look for information to be added to customer profiles, such as certain brands the customer may prefer or let’s say they may want to be alerted to contests or giveaways.

We can also set up special web forms to be triggered to ask customers to complete their profile a week after they join, for example. We’ll recommend a process that will help you learn more about your customers, but realize this may take time to build out profiles. 

Once customers provide additional information, you can target or segment messages, alerts or offers to those specific characteristics or preferences. If customers prefer to be alerted about special events like trunk shows for a boutique, or tastings for beer, wine or liquor stores, you can send texts just to that segment that indicated those preferences.


Literally, just a few seconds. In most scenarios, our tablets are configured with a check in / join button and sometimes we add a button so customers can review their points / rewards or offers before they shop or check out. Checking-in takes just 3-5 seconds for the customer to input their mobile phone number.

In some scenarios, we can set up the kiosk to capture additional information, such as birthday, as an example. Alternatively, we often set up trigger messages, customized to your business to send a mobile web form to customers to capture additional information such as preferences, brands or types or communications they desire. Keeping the data capture process on the tablet quick and clean helps avoid delays at checkout for quick serve restaurants, as an example.

Depending on your specific type of business, we also have Check-In Manager software that can reside on an associate-facing tablet or as a tab on your POS. This allows an associate guide customers to provide profile information, and the associate can view available rewards as a perfect up-sell opportunity and the associate can record the visit or the spend amount.

One of the main benefits of working with a full-service marketing firm like Mobile High 5 is we set up your program to fit your specific needs. In some scenarios, we configure a two tablet solution, so the customer can enter their mobile number to start the check in process, and the associate can view customer profile and reward information simultaneously. In some scenarios, we can implement without adding a tablet; the associate can leverage an existing POS Tab, use an existing tablet or desktop with our Check-In Manager tools.

Flexibility and customization are critical, so with Mobile High 5, you get exactly the process that fits your business.

A key differentiator is for businesses to have a visible display to invite customers to join you loyalty program. Kiosks and custom-designed tablets can be used for custom customers to join you program, and to check their loyalty status or rewards before they shop. In addition, you can benefit from increased customer engagement if you use a kiosk for a monthly contest. This works to bring customers back and you can provide a standard reward like a $25, $50 or $100 gift card or a different prize each month. The key is to get customers to interact with the kiosk to check in with each visit to get rewarded.  We also have Customer Manager Software, if you prefer to have your in-store associates handle customer check-ins. This software is helpful to continue to gather data from customers, such as birthday, first or last name, preferred brands or communication preferences. Each kiosk is custom designed to your specific needs. Small businesses benefit by growing their database more quickly with a custom kiosk display. 


Currently, Mobile High 5 supports SMS & MMS Text Messaging Services in all states of the U.S. and across Canada. We provide text message consulting across the globe.


The trick to getting more reviews is simply to ask! Implement our Review Management service and we can request a review from customers after they have redeemed a reward, so they’ll likely have a more positive perspective. In addition, this is a consistent process, so you are likely to see a more consistent result. Your business depends on your reputation, so make sure you get credit for all those hard-earned stars!

More reviews tend to drive other customers to submit reviews. Mobile High 5 also streams recent reviews directly to your website so prospective customers can view them. View our Review Management Services page for additional features!

Yes, absolutely! Mobile High 5 provides you with a Free Reputation Report that will inform you of how customers currently perceive your business, products and level of service.

Our Reputation Scan will immediately summarize your existing reviews from top sites in one convenient report! Talk to us to get your complimentary reputation scan.

Reviews really do matter as most consumers check out your business online before making a purchase decision. It’s the new word of mouth! Most customers see what other like-minded customers say about your business.

Potential customers want to see a high number of reviews to gauge that the feedback is a good reflection of customer sentiment.

Potential customers also want to see recent reviews. If your last review was three years ago, customers are not going to hold that in high regard, compared to a continual flow of reviews over the past few months.

What is also critical is how you respond to reviews – now that really matters! Like any aspect of any professional business, you can benefit from guidance to improve your practices and responsiveness.

We have an integrated process to provide customers with a private response option. This way when requesting reviews, if a customer is unhappy, the message goes to a manager or business owner privately. If a customer is happy about their experience, we provide them with options to also post a review publicly of sites like Google, Facebook Yelp and others.

Review Management, Review Generation and Reputation Management Tools from Mobile High 5 can help drive more reviews over time and more 4 & 5 star reviews. Talk to us!


Customer Service, Promotions, Lead Generation, Marketing, Advertsing, Operations, Online Ordering and Ecommerce are just some of the examples.

Consumers now spend a significant amount of time on their phones. Much of this time is spent texting and smart business owners have noticed that SMS is one of the top channels to acquire new customers and communicate effectively with existing customers.

Because of the simplicity and brevity of SMS, consumers prefer to connect with businesses using text communications. SMS has one of the highest open and read rates – typically 98% open rates within 5 minutes. Some surveys indicate 90% of messages can be read within 3 seconds.

Over time, and given the high responsiveness, SMS has gained a strong foothold in many aspects of business operations and customer service. It’s so easy with Mobile High 5 to Request A Text to be sent to hundreds and thousands of your customers in one simple step.

Use cases range from marketing special offers to appointment reminders for health care providers, PIN numbers to reset access for financial services firms to weather or safety emergency alerts.

All types of companies now use SMS for service, logistics, and package delivery confirmations. It is common for SMS text to be used as a component in foodservice delivery and curbside pickup. SMS can also be used for automatic responses for common service inquiries. Perhaps one of the best use cases is for business owners to build an opted-in list in order to reach customers directly and instantly for ongoing communications, engagement, special offers, loyalty rewards, and more!

SMS Text began as an incredible tool to send short messages and important alerts and information to family, friends and customers. Over time, the speed, volume and flexibility of SMS has made it the tool of choice for all sorts of businesses today. The Text App is native on virtually all mobile devices and SMS delivers an impressive 98% read rate within 5 minutes.

It’s simple, fast and easy! For business owners, there are a number of ways to use SMS including flash sales, text emergency alerts, event notifications, customer reviews, polls, data collection, mobile coupons, online ordering, virtual waitlist (table is ready) and more!

SMS Text is the most efficient and effective method to give consumers the information and experience they demand! Customers do not need to worry about waiting on hold or wonder if an email was received. SMS Text is short, sweet, convenient and quick, which is exactly what customers want. Business owners can use the opt-in process to obtain express permission from customers to receive ongoing messages about the company’s products, services, sales or events. This allows the business owner to build a list of mobile subscribers that the can reach directly and instantly!

There are many applications that can be integrated using SMS text.

One example is that customers do not even need to wait in line anymore, with Mobile High 5’s mobile waitlist. Customers can register with a host / hostess or register online, text in Keyword, or simply scan a QR code. Customers can check their status easily and can also change their status. Once their table is ready, customers receive a text to alert them to see the hostess to check in to be escorted to their table.

Simple. Easy. Awesome.

The short answer is when businesses need to actually reach customers. SMS Messages sent by businesses are transmitted from platforms that can handle seriously high volumes. The most compelling reason to use SMS is the speed of delivering high volumes of messages directly and instantly to your customer’s mobile phones at the precise time you intended it to be sent. Since text assumes some urgency, generally 98% of customers read SMS Text messages within 5 minutes.

With SMS having the ability to include links, customers can click and view videos, photos, connect with an e-commerce site or online ordering platform – quickly and easily. Business use of text marketing typically invokes a call to action for customers to stop in, buy online, purchase tickets, or save the date for an event.

The use cases for SMS Text are endless. If you are curious about a use case for your marketing program, let us know, we’ll be glad to help.

Texts can also be used for emergency notifications, often used by schools, municipalities, state governments and companies to alert constituents to timely and important information.

The most important task in the success of your program is to get the word out, “word” being your Keyword!

Business owners and staff should consistently promote your loyalty program or marketing campaign, the benefits of joining and of course, the keyword. We suggest the following methods to help you grow your list:

  • An important difference is to entice customers to join in-store with custom branded kiosks and associate-facing check-in manager software. Your staff will quickly become experts with enrolling new customers!
  • Customers can join easily by scanning a QR code from signage or posted online on your website or social channels.
  • Mobile High 5 will provide you with a custom branded social graphic, with the appropriate disclosures. We encourage you to post it early and often! We will also provide images that you can use for in-store or online promotions outlining the benefits of the program or campaign.
  • We will provide you with a web form that can be added easily to your website with special embed code to promote your keyword online to visitors to your website.
  • You can also use Social Media, Print, TV and Radio advertising using the Keyword with the proper disclosures.
  • We advise that the keyword should be promoted in virtually all your communications. The more customers that see it, the more that will enroll! For example you can add it to emails or send emails informing customers of the program. Print it on receipts, order confirmations, pizza top boxes, flyers, in-store posters, business cards and more.

We like to get to know your company, which industry or vertical you are in, the pain points you are experiencing or what your marketing objectives are. You can reach out to us via email at [info@mobilehigh5.com][0] or Call 484-325-5725 Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM eastern.

Many of our web pages have a contact form to complete at the bottom of the page, or click here: Start Now. Once we receive your inquiry we can schedule a brief, complimentary consultation to review your needs. We will provide a demo of the services that may fit for your specific situation.

Our solutions are customized to each client, so pricing depends on the volume of customers on your list, or number of orders, frequency of text blast messages and the optional features you choose. Generally, packages may start as low as $149 per month for a small business and can range up based on locations, volumes and selection of services. Whether you are a small business or a national brand, as you grow, your package will grow and we provide volume discounts and price breaks.

Remember, we are full service for a reason. Many business owners are looking for expertise and guidance as many have tried a DIY platform and simply did not have the expertise or time to fully leverage the advantages of SMS. Our clients simply use of our One Step text request, and we take all the steps to execute for them. We guide clients on strategy, the latest tools and help them build their very own mobile customer list.

SMS Text is a powerful tool that most people are familiar with to instantly message friends and family members directly on their mobile phones. People find it to be the most direct method of communications available today. SMS Text For Business is using that same platform, but as an important tool to reach and communicate with your customers. Mobile High 5 provides the best platform in the industry with many integrations that are available, based on your specific needs. We customize a solution to address your specific objectives.

Our services include mobile offers, mobile alerts, loyalty rewards programs, birthday clubs, anniversary clubs, database management, API Integrations, POS Integrations, E-commerce Integrations, review management, online ordering, mobile wallets and more!

  • Perhaps the most important element is for business owners to build their own mobile subscriber database so they can reach their customers when and how they want.
  • If you have built a following on social media, really look at your engagement on your posts – you are only reaching a small fraction of your base followers. The large platforms force you to pay to reach customers and prospects, so you are literally leasing your customers to the platform for the opportunity for them to profit.
  • If you have built a large email list, on average, you are reaching only 16% to 20% of your subscribers.
  • Imagine what your business results are when you reach 98% of your customers within 5 minutes with SMS Text!

Take Control – Use SMS Text For Your Business!

Savvy business owners have see how large social media platforms and communications tools have changed.

You can only reach a tiny fraction of your audience on social, unless you pay the platform for advertising or to boost a post. In addition, customer’s email boxes are overrun with spam so only 16 – 20% of your email subscribers will ever open your email. Often email messages are simply deleted, unread as they bulk delete messages that they missed weeks ago.

  • Algorithms, Apps, Privacy Rules and Social Media platforms are continually changing!
  • Emails inboxes are so full of Spam, customers no longer pay attention that channel.

Actually reaching customers can be challenging, unless you establish a cadence, provide valuable content and offers and reached them directly. SMS is your answer with a 98% read rate within 5 minutes! SMS is short, sweet and customers do not have to manage their SMS inbox.

The benefits of building your own mobile subscriber database remain the same: You can reach customers instantly & directly!

Many of our clients initially come to us intrigued about SMS Text, but they stay based on the automation, integrations and most importantly, the continual customer engagement of our Full Service Marketing Programs!

Take control of your customer relationships with SMS Text Solutions from Mobile High 5!

Well, all types of businesses, organizations and brands can benefit from using SMS text and our integrated solutions.

For example, all businesses can build a list of mobile subscribers who they can reach out to directly and instantly for varied types of alerts.

Text Blast Promotions with Mobile Coupons, Flash Sales, Emergency Alerts, New Product Alerts, New Post Alerts, and Event Alerts are some of the more common alerts that businesses and non-profit organizations may send. Sending texts from your computer is easy!

All businesses can benefit from using SMS for Customer Service. A typical use case would be to send the keyword like Service, Directions, or Hours to the designated number and customers can get an instant text back with details. Those details can be a mobile web page, video etc that have additional details. This can be very helpful if a company has a repeat inquiry regarding a service or “How Do I…” question. These types of questions can all be handled via SMS with an instant, rich response with all the details!

All businesses can benefit from using SMS text for Review Generation and Management.

All businesses can use SMS text for a call to action or lead generation.

Here some additional specific examples:

Men’s Fine Clothing Stores and Women’s Apparel Boutiques can use SMS for Loyalty Programs, Trunk Shows, Annual Sales, Seasonal Special Offers.

Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, Distilleries and Caterers can use SMS Text for Mobile Offers, Online Ordering and Loyalty Programs.

Pizza restaurants can send Special Offers weekly or once or twice per month to keep their businesses top of mind. Send Offers at the perfect time when customers may be hungry.

Cafes and Bakeries can use SMS Text for Digital Loyalty programs to replace old school punch cards. A properly designed program can get customers back and can be used for upsell opportunities to increase your average ticket.

Retail Gift Shops, Retail Stores, Health Food and Health Supplement Stores can use loyalty programs and special offers to drive customers back in.

Beer, Wine, Meaderies and Liquor Stores can develop a 21+ age-based list and send alerts for tastings, samplings, new releases, contests and special offers. In addition, beverage stores and implement a monthly contest for a giveaway of swag every month to increase customer engagement.

Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Business Associations can offer members a unique Shop Dine Buy Local program. One or twice a month, residents can receive updates regarding local events and special offers to drive traffic to merchants and business districts. Think of a “T-Mobile Tuesday” Program for Your association members or business community members.

Apartment Communities can build a Shop Dine Local Program for their residents that keeps them engaged, while supporting local favorite restaurants and shops!

Retirement Communities can keep residents and future clients informed of events and services.

Physicians, Hospitals, Medical Professionals and Dentists can use our Appointment Reminders Service to reduce No Shows!

Music Schools can use our Appointment Reminder Service to remind parents of upcoming lessons.

Veterinary Hospitals, Dog Groomers and Doggy Day Care Centers can use curbside pickup alerts.

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Consultants and Business Professionals can use SMS Text for lead generation and auto-responders.

Gyms, Fitness Centers and Nutrition Specialists can develop customized drip and engagement programs.

Auto Repair, Auto Dealerships can build a subscriber database and send alerts and offers for maintenance, service or sales.

Realtors can use QR Codes for clients to scan for virtual tours of properties and develop a client list to send alerts for new listings and hot properties.

Builders can develop a list of prospects for a new development and keep potential clients informed of progress.

Florists use our loyalty programs to bring customers back for every major holiday! Keep your floral and gift shop top of mind! Extend a birthday club offer to clients and add an anniversary club, so you are the source they turn to on such important celebrations! When you engage customers on mobile, you can send special offers directly for Valentines Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, and anniversaries. When there is an important life event where customers need to send flowers, you are the source they turn to!

Nail Salons use our loyalty programs to reward frequently customers for coming back. Several will cross sell customers to services they have not yet tried, while others will send alerts for special offers on gift cards.

There are countless examples, so reach out and we can develop a customized solution to address your pain points.

Small Business Marketing is our top focus. Small business owners can unlock the power of building their own marketing database. This is perhaps the most significant benefit as that can lead you to being able to reach your customers directly and instantly, which is unique. Small business owners are busy and do not have expertise in highly regulated text programs, so the befits include faster results and more frequent customer visits when you work with the right partner.  When you work with a mobile marketing expert, you get your program working faster than if you were to build it yourself or if you use a simple DIY Text Platform.  Many prospects come to us after they signed up for a DIY platform because they do not know how to implement and optimize the program efficiently and effectively.  One of the first things we mention to prospects is to look at our small business blog posts regarding text programs. Our Small Business Text Marketing 101 blog post is a great place to start. It reviews the benefits and common use cases.  We then suggest business owners set up a brief demo with use so we can get a sense of your objectives and how we can help you. The second most significant benefit is that we are a full-service text provider, meaning we handle everything for you. We can provide graphics for multi-media MMS messages or we can use images that you provide. We work with you to develop incentives and offers and test and modify as needed.  The key is to reach out – we are happy to help!


Online ordering is when a restaurant, cafe or catering company offers dine-in, take away (takeout) or delivery options through an application, software platform, or website or other digital method.

Customers can generally use this digital offering to view the menu, place orders and pay online through a direct digital channel.

Food and hospitality business owners can use an online ordering system to automate online food orders. An online food ordering software platform is a an efficient and effective productivity too that enables restaurants to accept orders, manage their curbside pickup takeout orders and delivery requests placed over the internet. 

If you use third-party systems for online ordering you can benefit from setting up a VIP Text Club. When customers opt-in, we send text messages with links to your online ordering system. When you send perfectly-timed offers you will generate more online orders. 

On average online food order tickets are higher and increases order accuracy. Best of all, orders are sent electronically, reducing the time staff spends on answering incoming calls. 

Better yer, explore our Answer IT, automated phone manager solution. Invite callers to join your VIP Text Club, provide them the opportunity for a special offer, a one-time discount code when they join. When they select menu options, they can be directed to self-serve options such as get a link via text to make a reservation or to order online. We still provide the option to reach an associate, but you will direct 30% to 80% of calls to self-service. As customers become familiar with your phone options, over time we see the percentage of calls that are handled with text responses increase. 

Yes, Mobile High 5 Offers A Free To You Online Ordering Software Platform. This ordering service has a special pricing option, where customers pay a small convenience fee of $0.99 per order. The difference and advantage of our service is that we include a package of text messages, so you can reach customers instantly for service related communications, but more importantly get them to come back and place another order.

Restaurant owners can make online ordering profitable again! Business owners can regain control of their customer relationships by building a mobile subscriber database. Customers opt in and then you can periodically send special offers. Increase customer engagement and revenue.

Schedule a complimentary consultation today!

Follow Mobile High 5’s easy, simple, 5 Step Quick Start Process so you will be able to accept orders and to optimize revenue through online ordering.

Start with creating a simpler, more profitable menu that customers will love. Not all items on your standard menu need to be available for online ordering. Think about the items your repeat regulars come back for, “Your Fan Favorites” and supplement those items to include your most profitable items. This streamlined, curated list will help you get customers to order easily and since these are popular items, customers will recognize them and place repeat orders.

Get prepared to simplify and streamline your curbside pickup process. We have a number of ways to assist you with making your curbside pickup process more snappy. We have several tools including Two-Way SMS Text Curbside Pickup solutions to keep order pickups quick and efficient. We customize the solution for your specific situation and provide pre-formatted template messages to save your staff time when responding and interacting with customers.

Select a provider like Mobile High 5 for online ordering software. Early in 2020, restaurant owners rushed to make decisions about online ordering based on familiarity with third-party delivery services. Owners later found out there were high costs for both the customer and the long-term success of their business. Many third-party providers impose high commission rates, some 30% or more, that effectively eliminate your profit margins.

These third-party providers also siphon off your loyal customers to their marketplace or platform. Their marketplaces and platforms put you in more competition with other restaurants or you have to pay to rank higher to get noticed on there systems. Be sure to elect an online ordering solution that enables you to build your own direct channel so you can build and keep your own followers and repeat customers. Our data collection processes help you build your list, gain customer opt-in for future marketing campaigns and can gather additional information like customer preferences, customer name, birthdays and more!

Learn how to ramp – up and promote your restaurant’s online ordering services. Mobile High 5 delivers tools, techniques and options to help you let the world know all about your ordering platform. Our experts can provide you with an optional low-cost, highly optimized website that has reservation and menu / order buttons integrated to make ordering simple and easy. We have a low cost mobile app that can be specifically customized you your brand.

You also can use our Facebook Ordering widget so customers can order right from Facebook! Customers can easily scan a QR code to access your menu and ordering system instantly. We also provide you with marketing signage and social media images to help you get the word out. Perhaps one of the most valuable tools is our Free To You Pricing option that gets you an online ordering platform, and includes a Package of SMS Text Messages to get customers back to order based on special offers, rewards and promotions.

Hyper-focus customer relationship management. Mobile High 5 helps you to build your mobile subscriber database and leverage loyalty rewards and SMS Text to get customers back in for repeat orders. With a direct connection with your loyal customers, our automation and integrations can help you thrive and flourish.

For example, extend a special, personalized birthday offer to your customers that will get customers back in, without any effort on your part. We can build in trigger SMS messages that are set based on customer interactions. For example, if a customer has not been back in the last 30 or 45 days, send a special offer or highlight a great combo offer. If they have not been back let’s say for 90 days-sweeten the offer! All these elements can be customized.

One of out more popular packages incorporates customer review generation, where we can automatically request a customer review at the perfect time, right after they redeemed a loyalty reward or special offer. All of our automations save resources for you and staff at a time where resources are so limited.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to get started today!


Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations often promote Shop Local themes with signage, brochures, cards and flyers. There is a lot of talk about supporting local, but sadly, that is often where it starts and ends.

There are more effective ways to engage residents to support local shops, restaurants and service providers.

Using tools such as SMS Text, Mobile Web Pages and Mobile Offers, a Chamber can build a subscriber database and inform residents once or twice a month via text about local events and highlight special offers from merchants in the downtown district.

Implement an SMS Shop Dine Buy Local Program from Mobile High 5.

Having a call to action and sending alerts at the right time will allow your Chamber to transform piles of unread printed material into a call to action for residents to come downtown for offers and events. It’s the convenience of the alerts being deliverd right to their phone and timely delivery that drives more engagement.

To entice customers to join, the Chamber or merchants can offer a monthly contest where a resident is selected randomly for a gift certificate or gift card.

Save money on printing and transform the level of activity for your downtown district!

When a multitude of merchants, restaurants and professional service members send a list of special offers, this gives residents a chance to learn about merchants they have not visited before. Plus when used in conjuntion with local events residents can stay informed of happenings in the area.

Typically the Downtown District has an ongoing event series, like First Friday or Third Thursday. One of the text messages can be tied to the ongoing event series with special offers tied to that day or that week. Another text can be used for offers that are available for the next 2 weeks or for the month. Programs can be designed in a number of flexible ways. Residents can join a number of ways (text a keyword, scan a QR code or complete a web form, for example).

Chambers can make this program available as a value-added service at no charge to members. Alternatively, to help offset the cost of the program, the Chamber can have participating members to contribute a small fee.

Bottom line, let us help you drive more for traffic to your Downtown District. See our Shop-Dine-Buy Local page to learn more.

We have a number of options to manage Shop Local Programs. We have a Full Service Option, as well as an option for your association to manage the process of gathering new offers from merchants.

We use a number of automation tools to make the process easy both the member merchants and assocition staff. Talk to us to learn more!

It’s Easy! We have a number of options so residents can sign up at the chamber office, local merchants, merchant websites and through social media:

1) We provide you with graphics that merchants can use on socia media and in-store and around town so customers can text in a keyword on their phone to opt-in.

2) We provide grahics so customers can simply scan a QR code that pre-fills a message for customers to join easily.

3) We provide an option for the Chamber to have a kiosk to bring to events and keep at the chamber office where customers can enter their mobile number to join.

4) The Association or Merchants can apply code that we provide to their websites so customers can join online.

5) We can provide a mobile web form that customers can complete to join.

Talk to us about other options.

It’s Simple. Residents just reply STOP to any message and they are immediately opt-out and will no longer receive any messages.

We have implemented programs that have resulted in hundreds of residents signing up and participation in local events has increased dramatically.

The technology and our customer programs work incredibly well. Note that it takes excitement and some participation from the local Merchants and the Chamber to get the initial word out to promote the new program to get customers to join. Once you get the ball rolling, residents tend to remain participants as they do not want to miss out on special offers.

It’s quite amazing how enrollment can be driven by a monthly drawing of a gift basket, prize pack of local goodies, local merchandise or a gift certificate to a local merchant or restaurant.


It’s best to optimize your time and minimize missteps, so we recommend that you consider these four aspects: 1) Program Objectives; 2) Budget; 3) Timeline for Results; and 4) Ongoing Program Management

  1. SMS Text Providers often offer a variety of packages and services. Clarify if you are seeking a full-service provider or wish to run your program entirely in-house. There is also a partial service option where the provider / agency does the initial setup of automations and message campaigns and you run the day-to-day program. This will determine the approach and cost of your program.
  2. Have a clear understanding of the top 2 to 3 issues or pain points you are trying to solve. Depending on the level of services, some providers can bundle additional services for a customized approach to solving multiple problems.
  3. The scope of work (i.e. types and number of issues you are trying to improve) as well as your volumes (number of customer contacts, daily or monthly orders, etc.) can drive your budget, based on the overall number and frequency of messages. It’s best to have a good handle on your operational volumes and customer base in order to set a realistic budget.
  4. Although we have some clients that benefit from immediate results, we like to set realistic expectations regarding the timeline for seeing results. Be ready to give this program adequate time, for you to drive new subscribers. This is your primary area of focus in the first six months to a year: Ask everyone to join! This is not a program that will save a failing business nor is it something that you can always expect immediate ROI in 30 days.
  5. We advise prospects to give the program at least a year before taking a step back to evaluate. Like any digital marketing effort, there is quite a bit of testing that occurs during the first year to adjust and fine tune to nail the exact program for YOUR business and customers. Each solution is customized, as different businesses have different needs as well as customer preferences.
  6. Determine the the responsibility for ongoing management of the program. The reason many DIY Text solutions fail for clients is that the business owner does not have the bandwidth to manage the program directly. If you will try to manage certain aspects, make sure that is clear upfront. Otherwise, free yourself from having to learn new systems, regulations and technology and hand over the ongoing management completely to the SMS provider. You’ll see there are several benefits to doing so in response to later Texting FAQs.

It’s best to optimize your time and minimize missteps, so we recommend that you consider these four aspects: 1) Program Objectives; 2) Budget; 3) Timeline for Results; and 4) Ongoing Program Management

  1. SMS Text Providers often offer a variety of packages and services. Clarify if you are seeking a full-service provider or wish to run your program entirely in-house. There is also a partial service option where the provider / agency does the initial setup of automations and message campaigns and you run the day-to-day program. This will determine the approach and cost of your program.
  2. Have a clear understanding of the top 2 to 3 issues or pain points you are trying to solve. Depending on the level of services, some providers can bundle additional services for a customized approach to solving multiple problems.
  3. The scope of work (i.e. types and number of issues you are trying to improve) as well as your volumes (number of customer contacts, daily or monthly orders, etc.) can drive your budget, based on the overall number and frequency of messages. It’s best to have a good handle on your operational volumes and customer base in order to set a realistic budget.
  4. Although we have some clients that benefit from immediate results, we like to set realistic expectations regarding the timeline for seeing results. Be ready to give this program adequate time, for you to drive new subscribers. This is your primary area of focus in the first six months to a year: Ask everyone to join! This is not a program that will save a failing business nor is it something that you can always expect immediate ROI in 30 days.
  5. We advise prospects to give the program at least a year before taking a step back to evaluate. Like any digital marketing effort, there is quite a bit of testing that occurs during the first year to adjust and fine tune to nail the exact program for YOUR business and customers. Each solution is customized, as different businesses have different needs as well as customer preferences.
  6. Determine the the responsibility for ongoing management of the program. The reason many DIY Text solutions fail for clients is that the business owner does not have the bandwidth to manage the program directly. If you will try to manage certain aspects, make sure that is clear upfront. Otherwise, free yourself from having to learn new systems, regulations and technology and hand over the ongoing management completely to the SMS provider. You’ll see there are several benefits to doing so in response to later FAQs.

First, understand that Email Marketing and SMS Text Marketing are very different. These different strategies and tools can work in tandem, so make sure to whomever you hire for SMS can collaborate well with your email marketing team.

An experienced SMS Marketing Agency is a hive of knowledge and expertise because they often work with multiple brands in multiple industries. Because of this broad and deep experience, they are in a unique position of knowing what works best in your vertical. You’ll save quite a bit of money and time when hiring an experienced firm, because your implementation will be quicker and your learning curve will be dramatically shortened.

An SMS Marketing Agency typically specializes in the SMS communication channel, so they likely have years of experience to bring to the table. They already know how to best leverage this channel on your behalf. An SMS Marketing Agency knows how to not annoy customers and ensure communications are sent in a legally compliant manner. In addition, they will focus on how to optimize the cost per message for your specific solution, how to expertly integrate SMS your social media and email marketing efforts, so your entire program is stronger. Take advantage of that specialized knowledge!

Ask yourself, “Is SMS an appropriate channel for my type of business?” SMS works best for those businesses that:

  • have the potential for repeat customers, such as retail stores, apparel boutiques, gift shops, restaurants, coffee shops, florists and more!
  • run sales promotions periodically,
  • have regularly scheduled events, like trunk shows, in-store events or special offerings like wine tastings or beer samplings.
  • those that intend to use a strong call to action add-on to other existing advertising methods, or
  • those who intend to build a mobile subscriber list.

There are also industry specific solutions where SMS integrations work extremely well. Examples include:

  • appointment reminders for doctor’s offices, dentists, chiropractic offices and other medical service providers.
  • online ordering for restaurants and also capabilities to add-on curbside pickup and delivery services.
  • virtual waitlist software for medical offices to alert patients when their doctor is ready to see them or to alert restaurant customers when their table is ready.
  • service specials from car dealerships or car repair shops for ongoing maintenance, such as oil changes, tire, brake and annual inspections.
  • lead generation for solopreneurs or professional service providers.
  • e-commerce and POS integrations where there are efficiencies to reduce double input of customer information to tack customer spending for loyalty rewards and special offers.
  • shop and dine local programs for local community residents to drive more foot traffic to downtown merchants and restaurants with special offers. Often the sponsor of these programs can be a local Bank, Credit Union, Business Association, or a Business Improvement District (BID). These buy local and eat local programs can also be customized with special offers to local businesses as a perk for company employees, or as a helpful resource for residents of an apartment complex or residential community.

Make sure you understand the difference between email and SMS.

If you approach SMS as a replacement for your email marketing program and send too many or too frequent text blasts, you’ll end up with high percentage of customers that opt-out and then you cannot reach out to them via mobile communications.

We recommend that you approach SMS Marketing carefully as an intimate, personal communication channel that is highly interactive! When you have that mindset, you are likely going to see great success. Text is intimate since you are reaching customers instantly and directly, so there must be some value and an element of urgency. Emails can be sent for less important communications. There is a certain cadence required with SMS that gently keeps customers appraised of your business. When done right, you keep your business top of mind.

You should be willing to engage with your customers at least twice each month with SMS. If you do not engage at least twice per month, you do not build that level of familiarity or expectation of regular communications with customers. Sending only one text blast each month or once every other month simply does not resonate with customers, your list becomes stale and more customers will opt out.


Yes, for you to legally send ongoing, recurring SMS or MMS marketing messages to customers, you must have received prior written express consent. This process, called opting-in, allows customers to receive permission-based text marketing alerts.

Companies (the senders), are required to provide certain disclosures and instructions to consumers on how to opt-out of a marketing campaign. Make sure the marketing firm you engage with takes compliance seriously as there are rules, regulations, carrier requirements and industry best practices that must be complied with. Fines and penalties for sending spam or unsolicited messages can be quite significant.

Yes, but it depends generally on the type of message (marketing or service related) and the contact’s opt-in status, age or other factors. For marketing messages to be sent, customers must Opt-In formally and provide written consent. Opt-In consent is usually provided by customers replying Y or Yes to the initial message from our platform, when they texted in a Keyword. Customers may also Opt-In via web form, scanning a QR Code, through an in-store kiosk or an associated-assisted check-in dashboard.

In addition, there are required disclosures and best practices. In addition, for marketing related to certain products, such as alcohol, we require a confirmation with the date of birth of the contact for compliance for opt-ins. For certain types of transactional or service related messages an opt-in may not be required, so long as the customer is not sent marketing messages. 

For example, appointment reminders may not typically require opt-in. To be clear, the answer we provide is: It Depends. The Mobile High 5 team delves deeply into what types of messages each client is looking to implement and we completely cover the compliance requirements. We then work closely with you to develop a customized program. We take compliance seriously as there may be potential fines and penalties for violations of TCPA Requirements.

When sending messages, we have several different tools that provide execution of messages:

We can provide two-way direct communications, for example, with our Waitlist Solution. You typically can engage with customers to place them on a waitlist for a table at a busy restaurant and engage the using templated messages (your table is ready) as well as engaging them if there is a delay or if they respond with questions.

We also have robust tools to send a text blast to hundreds or thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of contacts, right from your computer. For example, these could be a special offer, announcement, sale, etc to all opted-in contacts or just a segment. We have several ways to target specific segments.

Bottom line, we advise prospects to be cautious with DIY platforms as the risk of non-compliance may vary, based on their level of focus on compliance, their platform requirements, and your level of attention to detailed requirements and regulations.

Yes. You can send A Message To Hundreds or Thousands or Opted-In Contacts in One Step! Mobile High 5 is a Full-Service Marketing Firm. Our approach is to make things easy for clients. We have a Customized Text Request Form using Cognito Forms. This form dynamically asks for the required information and prompts you to provide the details of your offer, event, or message. We take the information provided and prepare your message, making sure it is compliant, but also scheduled for the perfect time.

We do this so you can worry about running your business, not learning another system. For larger clients and special situations, we can also build a Form Especially For Your Company. We allow you to attach images or video files. If you would like to use Cognito Forms for your business, click here: use Our Cognito Forms Referral Link for a special offer! You’ll Get One Month Free!


Yes. We work with businesses of all sizes for responsive text campaigns for hiring and staffing. We customize the campaign specific to your needs and your business. We typically will set up a keyword and QR code for a campaign based on each role. We set up forwarding so the business owner or hiring manager is alerts when an applicant submits an interest form.

Filling a submission, we can automatically send the applicant a link to a web page with additional information about your company, the role they are interested in, etc. When an applicant is interested in a role, they text in the keyword and they will automatically receive an auto response asking for their first name, so that you have a name associated with the phone number.

We then work with you on your preferences for the next step. Often firms wish to send a profile form for applicants to complete with general information, such as the role they are interested in and shift they are available for. The benefit is that you make it easy for applicants to express interest and you are alerted quickly!

Speed in response to job applicants is critical in today’s race for talent! Learn more at /hiring


FAQ-Answer IT

Absolutely not, we work with any phone system including analog, VOIP, or cellular.

Nope, we work with any online ordering or online booking software on the planet.

No worries at all! We have industry-leading solutions that we can include with your software package.

Yes! We are the ONLY integrated phone management and text message marketing phone system in the solar system.

Text message marketing has a 98% read rate in under 15 min compared to a 10% read rate in 8 hours for email marketing.

WE NEVER MISS A CALL! If we told you 100 calls at one time that would be great, but actually we can answer up to 100,000 calls at one time and can be scaled up to manage 1,000,000 calls at one time.

Yes, it can, by cutting the number of inbound calls down, allows the staff you have to focus on the guests, customers, clients, and patients so they can be more productive and provide a truly great experience.

The majority of your customers will embrace this service and find it very helpful because they will get their answers instantly! You’ll also likely see your use of your online tools increase, saving staff valuable hours. Today, customers want answers NOW. No one wants to sit on hold or wait for a return call!

We can’t promise anything BUT this software is meant to help your staff be more productive and less stressed while creating a more productive and calm working environment.

Those other services do a great job of answering the phone, BUT the calls still need to be answered or returned. For many routine questions, like making an appointment, placing an order or a reservation, or calls for directions, callers should have the option of getting that information instantly. Answer IT allows customers to self-service for these routine types of questions so there is no need to interrupt staff all day or return those calls. Plus, your phone can do and NEEDS to do so much more. We are unique because while we allow your customers to use the phone to self-serve and not have to wait for someone to answer the phone, we also build a database of mobile phone subscribers so you can market to them in the future and drive in more business and sales!

It is 2022, of course, it can! Our advanced real-time voice mail system transcribes the caller’s message and delivers it to your staff via text message or email. We also have a cloud-based feature called 1-CCB (1-Click Call Back) which allows anyone to be able to call back customers from anywhere using the system.

Yes! We use a dynamic scheduling solution to deliver a different message when you are not open vs when you are open and the BEST PART is you don’t have to do anything since we automate it for you!

Yes, our software can speak Spanish (Sí, podemos hablar español.) it can also speak French (Oui, nous pouvons parler français.) Japanese (はい、日本語が話せます。) Ok, enough fun it can actually speak any language you’d like it to!

Tap the direct links to specific pages for more information on a specific topic, solution or service!

If you are looking for SMS, MMS or Mobile Marketing Services, you have come to the right place! For sales, reach out and we’ll promptly connect you to one of our experts. Contact us at 484-325-5725.


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