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Increase Revenue with Mobile Marketing

Mobile High 5 expertly weaves together Text Message Marketing, Loyalty Rewards and Geo-Location marketing to increase the frequency of visits, customer engagement and drive additional revenue. Each program is customized to your specific business needs.

The most powerful tools we have are are the integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woo Commerce and Big Commerce as well as integrations with POS systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) software tools, like Wealthbox. These integrations automate processes to add new client information and automatically record transactions to award loyalty points, so staff members can focus completely on your customers!

Our integrations provide automation and efficiencies for investment advisers, apparel boutiques, retailers, wine, beer and liquor stores, restaurants and even senior living facilities. 

See how our Program works with Mobile Marketing to bring in Lapsed Customers

Promote your Business & gather Subscribers


Customers Join and Check in on a tablet, custom-branded for your business!

Easy! Customers enter their mobile number on a kiosk or provide to an associate with our Check-In Manager Tool. Our signage and social graphics help you to promote your Mobile VIP Club!

Customers may join from a web form, or text a KEYWORD to your dedicated toll-free phone number or short code!

We walk you through the process and can also provide example scripts for associates to use.

Engage your loyal VIP Customers through Mobile Marketing

Maximize your revenue and repeat business!

Customers receive branded offers via text when they earn rewards, based on spending level or number of visits.

Keep your brand top of mind by sending at least two text blast messages per month, with special offers, alerts and events. These are perfectly timed to arrive exactly when your customer is contemplating a purchase.

Messages can include pictures, video, coupons, event web page or links to your website, reservations and online ordering.

You tell us the offer, we schedule the message and handle all the details! If you prefer to send your own messages, we can train you!

Customer Perks Drive Business Results


Get More Foot Traffic In-Store with Text Blasts!

Deploy Mobile Marketing Strategies With Ease

We try to keep things simple. We make it so easy for business owners, because we do everything for you and help you craft promotional offers that resonate with your customers. 

Based on the high engagement, deliverability and open rates, SMS Texting is one of the best mobile marketing strategies to implement. SMS  Messaging and MMS Messaging often includes a clear call to action with a link bringing customers to a specific web page or landing page. When done the right way, with the right timing, to the right audience, text can be the perfect tool to increase conversions and keep customers engaged. 

As the way mobile communications has changed, more and more customers are open to receiving messages and offers from brands. Mobile High 5 works with you at your own pace and level of experience.  

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Your VIPs receive Alerts instantly, at the Perfect Time!


Customers redeem the mobile offers on their phone or on the loyalty kiosk.

We provide periodic reporting, monitor responsiveness, results and redemption rates. We adjust offers to maximize your revenue!

We designed our business for the busy  business owner. We are full service. But that’s not the only factor- read on to learn how we are different.

Mobile is where your customers are spending time and they love the simplicity of text!