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SMS Marketing Podcast by Mobile High 5 CEO Barbara Casey. These are just a few of the podcasts and webinars that Mobile High 5 has participated in. We love to share the latest best practices, tips, strategies and other important information on using SMS and MMS texting to grow profits and sales for businesses of all sizes. 

Mobile Marketing Expertise

Mobile High 5 is a full service SMS Marketing, Text Marketing, and Mobile Marketing agency.  We partner with our customers to create winning marketing campaigns.  We are experts at using various tools to help businesses connect directly and instantly with their customers.  

Powerful SMS Integrations

Perhaps the most beneficial tools we have include integrations for e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woo Commerce and Magento. We also integrate both in-store purchases and online purchases into one loyalty program, so customers receive points no matter where they shop! When it comes to integrations for restaurants, we can integrate our online ordering service as well as curbside pickup programs. 

These businesses grow their mobile subscriber list and increase profits.  We have decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes to provide SMS Marketing, Automated Phone Manager, Online Ordering and Curbside Pickup tools for Restaurants, Student Dismissal Solutions, and Customer Loyalty Tools. 

Own Your Customer Relationships With SMS

Businesses now must focus on owning their customer relationships and that is at the heart of what we deliver to clients everyday!

Reach out if you want to suggest a podcast, webinar or business event where we can share our marketing insights and expertise with your audience.

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SMS Marketing podcast by Barbara Casey