Barbara Casey

Barbara Casey is a customer engagement expert with over 30 years of experience working with companies of all sizes to help them design programs to communicate more effectively with their customers. Barbara serves as the CEO of Mobile High 5 Marketing. With the power of SMS text to impact customer engagement, Barbara focuses her time exclusively on the mobile channel and has become a sought-after expert on how to leverage this channel effectively for small and medium sized businesses, businesses that historically have been left behind in the mobile marketing revolution. Barbara is a serial entrepreneur and a member of the team which launched the very first frequent buyer program in the country for AT&T. She brings an executive level of experience to benefit her clients.

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5 Benefits of Restaurant Online Ordering System

Table of Contents Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants Online Ordering system trend has grown many folds during the pandemic. As businesses are reopening, online ordering system  is a trend that is likely to stick around.  And it is bound to grow in popularity.  Restaurant Online Ordering Systems are critical tool for restaurants of all sizes. …

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