7 Text Marketing Ideas for Small Business

7 Text Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Sure, text marketing continues to grow as a viable option for the big brands. But now, small business owners have affordable and powerful options.  

Simply put, text marketing is the most cost effective and easiest way to reach your customers on the go. SMS text for business, delivers a 98% open rate within 5 minutes, which is nearly real-time communication.

We share some perspectives on why building your own database is a smarter move and provide 7 ideas on ways to use Text Marketing.

Bottom Line: You should explore how you can take back control of your communication with your customers and your ability to see the results of your efforts, nearly instantly.

Customer Loyalty Programs: Make It Easy!

Customer Loyalty Programs: Make It Easy!

Customer Loyalty Programs: Make it easy! 

 Don’t listen to us, listen to Richard Thaler, a leading behavioral economist.

“If you want to encourage someone to do something, make it easy.”

-       Richard Thaler, Nobel Prize Recipient and distinguished behavioral economist


He has co-written a best-selling book based on research about on how people make everyday decisions. The book considers some weighty topics, but we want you to consider a key principle that is one of his mantra’s:  Make it simple!


We provide digital loyalty programs for small businesses and that simplicity is what we focus on for business owners and your customers:

·       full service 

·       simple sign-ups 

·       permission-based

·       send offers instantly

This post discusses how loyalty programs and text marketing can use “nudges” to drive customers back to your business.

Wait, Football Is Like Business?

score-repeat business-loyalty programs-text-sms-advertising-philadelphia-new jersey-delaware-maryland-connecticut-mobile high 5.jpg

Are You Ready for Some Football?

We just made it through the first weekend of the new football season, so how did your favorite team do?  If the team you were rooting for won, congrats! If they did not win, don’t lose hope, it’s very early. 

After watching a game (or three) we were stuck at several similarities between football and running a successful local business! Let’s take a look: 



Football franchises need a strong team to win. It’s nice to have a superstar, however they simply cannot cover all the positions in a game. Business owners can’t do it all either- you also need a team with skills and deep experience that you can delegate to. Teams and companies both rely on strong leadership to provide guidance and inspiration. Just like a coach, as a business leader, you need to know people’s strengths and weaknesses. 

In football, some team members may not be seen on the field on game day, but they are there at every practice, dedicated to help keep the starting lineup at the top of their game. Similarly, businesses have employees who work behind the scenes that you simply could not operate without. In both cases, everyone has a specific role that is critical to your execution. The key ingredient that is needed to win is teamwork. When teamwork is present, it seems magical, as suddenly each individual’s impact is magnified! it builds trust as execution improves. Overall, everyone is more confident and committed!


Time and Timing are Critical

In football, players need to be in the right place at the right time. Toward the end of the game when a team has no more time-outs, players must often execute plays without a huddle. And there are segments – quarters- where performance is measured by the score and statistics. 

In business, similarly you have projects, plans and schedules. To execute for your customers, everything must be in place for success. Also, your business team needs to be able to operate sometimes without specific direction, especially to keep key customers happy and when time is short. Businesses also have quarters – you need to step back, look at reports and see how the results are shaping up – see, you are keeping score too! 



NFL football could not succeed without the fans. Sure, the games are challenging and fun, but it’s a business with expenses, player salaries and tickets / merch to be sold. Football teams focus a lot of resources to create an enjoyable and compelling fan experience. 

Your business needs revenue and a following if you are going to make it. Successful businesses nurture those important relationships to develop customers into fans and mere fans into fanatics. 



Teams spend several days of preparation leading up to the big game day. Preparation includes drills, practice, plays and strategy for that week’s opponent. Then within the game, players regroup in a huddle to recap the next play, with all the details: who needs to be where, and who is getting the ball.  You see, success depends on effective communication. 

Businesses also need to make sure everyone is on the same page. Goals, schedules, project updates and improvements to implement that require communication and training. You have business staff meetings, but they are very much like huddles. 


Focus on the Goal

Vince Lombardi, famed head football coach said “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”

Realistically, your favorite team’s short-term objective is the win that week with a longer-term focus to be this season’s champion.  

In business; you need to be aware of the competition and deliver excellence for your customers. That can take many forms, but make sure your specific goal is well-defined, that everyone on your team knows it and you celebrate when you reach it. You’re the coach -get everyone aligned and focused on the vision! Executing on your goals consistently will help you stay ahead of the competition and continue to win fans. 


 Have a Game Plan

The bottom line is to make sure you have a revenue game plan for your upcoming busy season. Think about how you will engage your customers and continually monitor how they are progressing as ‘fans’.  Are they ignoring your e-mails and just liking your social posts or are they actually coming in responding to specific offers and calls to action?


Score big with a custom branded loyalty program.

Score big with a custom branded loyalty program.

Hey Coach, your customers are spending most of their time on mobile. If you are looking to ramp up your mobile marketing game, contact Mobile High 5. We will build a fan base for you and connect you with your most loyal fans! Our loyalty and text message marketing programs make sure your advertising gets SEEN and will help your small business score, big time!

 Go Team! 


Let us know what you view as critical factors to turn customers into raving fans - Enter comments below. (Click on Post to see comments box.)

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Loyalty Program Rock

Make a connection with your customers - it is crucial to the success of your loyalty program.

Make a connection with your customers - it is crucial to the success of your loyalty program.

Here are three key values to use when you design and implement a loyalty program that will bring your customers back!

1. Connect with your customers -

You have to make that initial impression - that this program is for them (not you).  Many times it’s how you position the program. If it focuses on the customer and it is your way of giving back, it will be perceived very positively. Associates must be enthusiastic about the program themselves, so make sure employees are invested in the success of the program. Create a friendly competition and prizes for reaching customer enrollment goals.

Make sure the intro to the program makes the customer feel they are part of your brand or an extension of your company.  When the feeling is mutual, you show them the love through rewards and special offers and they love you back with repeat business, reviews, feedback and referrals!


2. Make it Easy to Join, Give Them Options to Join, Give Them Reasons to Join

You likely only have one or two shots to sell the customer on the program, so make it simple and easy for customers to understand, to earn rewards and by all means give them some incentive to jump in! 

Provide a join reward, and provide flexibility. For example, for rewards (based on spend or visits) provide ample time to use or do not set an expiration.


How to Join? 

  • Have a kiosk for them to join with their mobile number

  • Provide signage with a bar code or QR code to scan

  • Provide a web form to allow customers to join easily via your website 

  • Provide a keyword that can be texted into a short code: text-to-join

  • Provide form links from social posts that allow to join with a click

Why Join?

  • You make it exclusive - it’s reserved for your best customers

  • Give them advanced notice for sales & events

  • You’ll provide them with special offers only available to these club members 

  • Ah yes, those awesome rewards for repeat business!

  • It’s FREE to Join and they can easily unsubscribe

  • You’ll communicate with them when it is important - special events, sales, business updates, info on events you support within the local community, etc.  

3. Provide Personalized Value

At the core, the customers are sharing personal information when they join, so establishing trust is a priority. Explain that you will not spam them and will not share their information.  The most effective programs personalize messages and segment offers based on customer preferences.

For example, at sign-up or shortly thereafter, you should gather the customer’s first name and birthday so you can provide them with an offer close to their special day. They will feel valued when you send them information with their name and related specifically to them.  Over time, gather information on what information customers want from you - events, info about one specific location, sales, contests, etc. and then adhere to sending only that information they have provided for preferences.

 Bonus Tip: In addition, to ensure customers actually see the information and offers use SMS text and MMS multi-media messages to get their attention. As we have mentioned before, 98% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, so you could send an email and it might be seen, but why take that chance that only about 20% of customers may see it? 

Use SMS text messaging only a few times a month to announce special offers and make your loyalty program rock!

 In a nutshell, when setting up and launching a customer loyalty program: 

  • make it about them, 

  • make it easy and again-

  • make it about them!

Here is what mobile marketing looks like to us:

Perfectly-timed, valuable offers, based on customer preferences, delivered to the device they prefer (mobile).

Whether you are considering a change to your program, moving to a new provider or starting a new rewards program, reach out to Mobile High 5. We will deliver repeat business for you! We make it easy, we make it about you and we provide full service!

Click below to learn more:

Let us know what core values related to loyalty programs that are working for you in the comments below. (Click on Post to see comments box.)

5 Hacks To Make Sure ALL Roads Lead to You!

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.

Did we tell you that it’s all about Engagement?

  1. At least 20% of your customers drive 80% of your business, so make sure you are focusing your efforts on keeping them engaged with your business and thinking of you even when they are not on-site. The best way to do this is through a loyalty program that engages these customers via text message marketing. The loyalty rewards entice them join your program and the regular engagement with offers and information of value keep them coming back.

  2. Highly-engaged customers become your EVANGELISTS. They become experts on your brand and if you make it easy for them, they will actively share offers you text out with their friends, expanding your database even further.

  3. Highly-engaged customers are LOYAL and will stick with you for the long haul and typically SPEND MORE when they visit. They are also the most responsive, since they have to give you permission to send text offers, when one comes in, they will read it. Quickly. 98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes. There is no more effective form of communication available today.

  4. Be generous with your rewards program. Don’t make customers leap over tall buildings for a meager discount. They will tire quickly of this and opt out. When calculating what you can afford to give back to customers, calculate what their likely total spend might be over 5-6 visits and then rebate them a minimum of 10% back once they reach that milestone (more is even better!). If it takes your customer more than a few months to reach the 6th visit, then lower the bar. It’s better to reward more often than to make a customer wait so long that they have forgotten why they joined your program in the first place.

  5. Make sure all offers you text out are of value to your customer. There can be an occasional informational text, but make sure you pepper those with regular promotional discounts, early access or other special things not available to the general public. And make sure you offer an incentive to join your program. Those businesses which offer a sign-up incentive see their databases grow 500% faster than those that do not offer anything.

Contact us to learn more on how to use loyalty programs and text message marketing to keep your customers engaged with your brand!

Is Text Message Marketing Intrusive? How to Make Sure You Are Not Annoying Your Customers!

Follow regulations to remain in compliance, implement mobile marketing best practices and adhere to mobile carrier guidelines and requirements.

Follow regulations to remain in compliance, implement mobile marketing best practices and adhere to mobile carrier guidelines and requirements.

If I got a text message out of the blue from a business, I would DEFINITELY think it was intrusive. And annoying. It would color my opinion of that business because I didn’t ask for you to intrude on my personal phone.

It would also be illegal. I repeat. Illegal.

text-sms-blog-compliance-best practices-tcpa-penalties-mobile high 5.jpg

To Run An Effective Mobile Marketing Program, You Must Follow The Rules.

Text marketing, by law, is permission based. To run a legally compliant program, you MUST obtain explicit permission from your customer before you can communicate with them on their personal mobile phone. There are many DIY text message operators today that skirt this law, or don’t fully inform the people using their platform about all the rules they must follow in order to avoid trouble….the least of which will be annoying your customer. That is why I recommend you work with a full service partner such as Mobile High 5.

If you violate the law, there can be a fine of $500- $1500 PER text message sent. So if your database is 1,000 people (a reasonable database for a small business) that could be a HUGE fine. Plus, on top of the fine, the short code the message was sent on can be suspended and those costs upwards of $8,000 to provision.

Proper TCPA and Carrier disclosures must be made for marketing-based messages and offers.

Proper TCPA and Carrier disclosures must be made for marketing-based messages and offers.

Run Your Program With Transparency. With Honesty. Your Customers Will Repay You In Spades.

So as you can see, annoying your customer is NOT the biggest thing to worry about. That said, if you run your program correctly, text message marketing can make a HUGE impact on your bottom line. Think about it. The customers who have signed up to be on your mobile program, have given you explicit permission to send them advertising right to their personal phone. And everyone has only one phone today, right? These people are typically your best customers. Treat them well, send them juicy offers and announcements. They will repay you in spades.

Because your texts will come in on the same channel as personal messages, they will see readership of 98% within 3-5 minutes. All phones light up when a message comes in. Texts cannot be turned off like an app notification can and messaging is native to every smartphone. Text marketing programs bring extremely high ROI and just get better the longer you run them.

What questions do you have for me about Texting and compliance with the law? Post them in the comments and I’ll answer them in a future post.

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The Commoditization Of Loyalty Programs

Make Sure Your Loyalty Program Stands Out!

Make Sure Your Loyalty Program Stands Out!

Has your business added a loyalty program? If so, you are not alone. All types of businesses have added what is arguably the most cost effective form of marketing available for the smaller business. The problem now is, how do you differentiate yourself from your competition if everyone has a loyalty program?

Today, loyalty programs must be reimagined. Stop thinking that the purpose of your loyalty program is to make your customers loyal to you and start thinking of it the other way. A loyalty program is really all about making sure your customers know that your business is loyal to THEM. It’s a mindset change, but if you think about your loyalty program through this prism, you will see greater success.

All Loyalty Programs Are Not Created Equal

Many POS systems offer an add-on loyalty program. These programs are inexpensive and rely on the business owner to manage the loyalty program. These are typically transactionally-based, meaning they reward a customer once they are in the store and make a purchase that reaches that business’ spending milestone. Look for programs that engage customers when they are NOT in the store. THIS is how you keep your brand top-of-mind. Look for programs that allow redemptions right from their phone or through a kiosk. Look for a program that includes custom branded mobile offers and methods for data collection. It is in the data that you find the gold!

According to retailtouchpoints.com, a majority of transactionally-based loyalty programs fail within the first two years.

Loyalty and the Power of Mobile

It’s Not Just Rewarding Customers Based on Spend. It’s All About Consistent Engagement.

It’s Not Just Rewarding Customers Based on Spend. It’s All About Consistent Engagement.

When you create a loyalty program that is based on the mobile platform, you will have the ability to not only reward those customers for their purchases, but because you have built a database of their mobile numbers and have obtained the required permission, you can now further engage with them, when they are NOT in your store, offering them reasons to come back in. The key to a successful loyalty program is to reward engagement, not just purchases.

Make Gratitude Your Attitude

Create a database of your most valuable customers, show appreciation and nurture the relationships!

Create a database of your most valuable customers, show appreciation and nurture the relationships!

When you shift the way you think about your loyalty program and make it all about thanking your customers for their loyalty, you will start to treat those who have joined your mobile database differently than the rest of your customers. By treating this group as a special group, they will reward YOU in spades. When customers realize that they will be offered special discounts or special access not available to anyone else, they will line up to join your program. And once you have their number in your database, you can begin to nurture that relationship by making sure they realize how much you value their business.

57% Of Customers Are Willing To Share Data With You To Get Personalized Offers and Discounts

Loyalty + Relevance will ensure success. Gather data and use it to personalize your offers. Text-based communication is naturally conversational, so get your customer’s first names so you can personalize your messages. Ask them what type of info they’d like to be kept in the loop on and then send them just what they have asked for. Do this and you will see minimal opt-outs!

Mobile High 5 works with small to medium sized businesses and regional chains to help them leverage a powerful loyalty + SMS text marketing to keep customers engaged and to keep brands top-of-mind. It’s not just our technology that makes us different; it’s the expertise behind the curtain and our ridiculously fast customer service.

How a Small Business Can Play In the Big Leagues!

We provide Major League tools & services at Minor League prices.

We provide Major League tools & services at Minor League prices.

Today, Competition is EVERYWHERE: Online, Down the Street and Even In The Adjacent State

The big brands have been doing this for at least a decade. The smaller business is very late to the party, but I have proof that it’s never too late to belly up to the bar. 

4 Ways to Compete Effectively Today

  1. Take back control of your database. If you are using facebook as you sole website, you have ceded control of literally everything to a 3rd party closed ecosystem. If you are counting on all your followers to see every post you make you are sadly mistaken.

  2. Understand where your customer’s attention is today. It’s on their phone. More than 95% of the US population now owns a smart phone. People glance at their phone literally ALL DAY LONG. This is where you should be communicating with them.

  3. Forget about developing an app, unless you are a HUGE brand like Starbucks, or Facebook or Twitter – something that people are likely to interact with daily. If you are a small business, save your money. Statistics show that 49% of people who initially download an app (usually to get that juicy join offer) will abandon using it within 30 days.

  4. Remember back around 1996 when email was a really new tool for marketing? Everyone jumped on building a database so they could send out communication to their customers to keep them connected and engaged. Well, email readership is tanking because there is so much spam that has infiltrated the system. When you build a database of your customer’s MOBILE numbers, you will have an invaluable way of reaching them instantly on the device they prefer and will see a nearly 100% read rate within about 5 minutes.

Because Mobile Marketing is Highly Regulated, There Is No Spam

Customers are required to give you explicit permission to opt into your program and if regulations are followed correctly, instructions on how to opt out should they change their mind should come with every communication,

Mobile Marketing Is Where Email Marketing Was in 1997.

Only 38% of businesses are leveraging this powerful tool, yet nearly 83% of consumers wish their favorite stores and brands communicated with them via text. Send a text and watch your traffic spike.

Text offers drive in traffic for your sales and special events!

Text offers drive in traffic for your sales and special events!

Opportunity Knocks. Will You Answer?

Those businesses that have jumped onto the mobile marketing highway have seen huge benefits. Our typical ROI ranges between 300-600% varying by type of business. If your business relies on repeat business, you should be moving in the direction of a mobile marketing program. 

Mobile High 5 provides small businesses major league tools at minor league prices.

Published by Mobile High 5

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Mobile High 5 is a marketing firm devoted exclusively to helping businesses communicate effectively with their customers via the mobile platform. This is where all attention is today and honestly, it is the best advertising real estate available. With a 98% read rate within 5 minutes, it has a higher ROI than any other form of advertising available today.

How To Get S'more Revenue

Summertime Isn’t About Kicking Back and Relaxing. Not For A Small Business Owner!

Summertime Isn’t About Kicking Back and Relaxing. Not For A Small Business Owner!

After someone does business with you, then what? 

Imagine someone walks in and make a purchase, buys a service or dines in your restaurant. You’re happy, because they increased your revenue for that day. But now what?

How Do You Get Them Back?

Did they have a good experience? You really don’t know unless they left you a review. They paid their bill. That’s good. You don’t know where they live, or why they stopped in. Or how to get them back.

Now what if you could build a long lasting relationship with that customer? That’s a big ask of someone to do within a 30 second to 1-minute transaction window. It requires ongoing engagement. Who has time for that? Small business owners already wear too many hats.

Ben Franklin weighs in on reputation

This is where Mobile High 5 does its magic. We ensure those dollars spent come back in the door another time. And another time and when they come back we are going to incentivize them to spend more. Thanks to technology and innovative processes, we leverage the power of texting, sweepstakes, rewards, promotions, and reminders to call people back into your place of business. All without the need for customers to download an app.

Customized to you, we develop a plan based on your business goals and marketing strategies so we maximize customer engagement to build a long and meaningful relationship which ensures repeat business.

And we do it by providing white glove service. With ridiculous responsiveness to our clients. 

“Mobile High 5 is a great way to reach out to customers. Their team is extremely responsive and this allows for quick turn around w promos. Very happy with them.” – Greg Ramirez, Exton Beverage

Marketing Is Challenging For a Small Business. 

We know. We Are One.


Bob Casey



Barbara Casey


Smart Business Owners Have a Strategy to Get Customers Back In

It’s time to make your move, and GET MOBILE HIGH 5!

Marketing_Strategy_Advertising_Loyalty_Text_Philadelphia_West Chester_Exton_Mainline_Ardmore_Havertown_Lancaster_Harrisburg_Delaware_Baltimore_Mobile High 5.jpg

Increase Sales with text marketing directly to your customers. Text has a 98% open rate within 5 minutes. Compare that to email marketing with open rates of 10-20%. And social media, while an important part of an integrated marketing program, will typically show your message to just a fraction of the number of followers you have. And here’s the biggie – you cannot control WHEN those messages are seen. With text, you can, because statistics show that within 3-5 minutes your message will be seen.

Already have an App?

Did you know that apps have very high attrition rates? After about 30-45 days the majority of them are abandoned. Why spend thousands to create your own app, when you can have a custom designed, functional web-app with Mobile High 5?

Customer enjoy much of the same functionality of a downloaded app: checking loyalty points, clickable phone number, google map, with link for directions, links out to your most important landing pages etc., WITHOUT having to download yet another app to crowd their phone and slow it down. Customers can, and often do turn off push notifications, disabling the key value-add for creating the app in the first place – for customer engagement.

Text messages cannot be turned off. All phones light up when a new message comes in. That’s why texting is so effective.

Still committed to your app but want to turbo charge it? Use text marketing to encourage more app downloads and use.

Text REPEAT to 55678 & learn more about Mobile High 5! Msg & data rates may apply Text STOP to Cancel, HELP for HELP Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policyhttp://swurl.it/2M4W4

Mobile High 5 is a marketing firm devoted exclusively to helping businesses communicate effectively with their customers via the mobile platform. This is where all attention is today and honestly, it is the best advertising real estate available. With a 98% read rate within 5 minutes, it has a higher ROI than any other form of advertising available today.

3 Key Reasons To Build A Database of the Mobile Numbers of Your Customers

Build This Now. Reap The Benefits During the Holiday Season!

Build This Now. Reap The Benefits During the Holiday Season!

  1. Control When Your Messages Are Read. Unlike third-party social platforms a low percentage of business posts are seen (unless you promote with paid ads.). Why put social platforms in complete control of reaching your customer?

  2. Texts Are The Most Effective Form of Communication Today. Email read rates are dipping at around 10-20%. Social media posts – only a fraction of your followers will see those messages and in both email and social media, you have to WAIT for your customers to get around to checking these channels. Texts see read rates of 98% within 5 minutes. Unbeatable!

  3. Capture data on what your customers spends, when they spend it, who they are, even where they are, so you can customize messages to target them in a way that drives them back in the door. With text marketing, you can send different messages to different segments of your database, increasing your ROI!

Mobile marketing is permission-based, so any customer who has joined your mobile club has literally given you permission to send advertising to their personal phone. How many unread text messages do you have? Same with your customers. This is why building your mobile database should be your TOP goal for 2019.

Make sure each message you send has value and they will stay in your club forever. Loyalty goes both ways.


Hiring? Does Your Business Need More Staff? Here's A Better Way to Engage Applicants

Today, the labor market is tight. The lowest unemployment levels in several years. It’s very difficult to reach applicants and even more difficult to make sure they fit your needs.

Let candidates apply for your job via text message! Engage potential candidates anywhere, anytime. Automate your pre-screening process and fill your openings faster.

Leverage Mobile To Instantly Provide Applicants Info On Your Business, A Link to Applications and Resources – Right On Their Phones!

blog-hiring-applicants-jobs-recruiting-text-offers-apply-philadelphia-new york-boston-dallas-utah-mobile high5.jpg

Get easy-to-use tools to engage applicants automatically, pre-screen them and reach them more easily using few resources. Hire faster!

Mobile Communication makes hiring a breeze!

For a demo on how this works, text NOWHIRING to 55678 for more details.

Can I Buy A List of Mobile Numbers and Start Texting Them?

Regulatory Compliance is Critical. You have questions: we have the answers!

Regulatory Compliance is Critical. You have questions: we have the answers!

Not If You Want To Run Your Program In A Legally Compliant Manner.

Text message marketing falls under the same regulatory body as Robo calls. Customers have to give advance and explicit permission in order for you to send text messages to them. Additionally, each message must contain information on how to opt out of a campaign after they have opted in.

In short, the customer is in charge here, so it is important that your text marketing campaigns offer something of value with each communication. Something of value doesn’t mean a discount with each message…it means information that is of value to your customers. If you are a restaurant, it could be information about your catering menu, or the fact that you have a really cool band playing Saturday night. If you are a retail store, it could be information about an upcoming trunk show, or a fundraiser where a portion of your sales goes to a nonprofit. If you are a spa, it could be last minute openings you have that you’re willing to discount to fill. If you are a car wash, it could be a rainy day offer on detailing – who thinks of a car wash when it’s raining? Remind them you are still open and welcome them.

When You Begin Your Campaign, Focus ALL Your Attention On Getting People To Opt In: Create a Tribe

Everyone wants to be a part of something special. Create your own tribe.

Create your loyal tribe of VIPs.

Create your loyal tribe of VIPs.

American Express coined the term “Membership Has Its Privileges” ages ago and it stands as one of the iconic marketing campaigns even to this day. It convinced millions to think that by carrying the American Express card they were somehow elevated over those who simply carried a Mastercard of VISA.

In the same way, create your own tribe, your own VIP club and regularly engage with this group. Make them feel special to you, because they are. They represent your best customers. Reward them with special information and offers and they’ll reward you by spending more money and visiting you more often.

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Ever Hear of the Term A/B Split?

Test offers to determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Test offers to determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Curious How Text Message Marketing Competes With Social Media Marketing? Run an A/B Split Campaign

To small businesses, this may be a new term for them. The A-B split is a method of testing the effectiveness of marketing methods or media. So, run a campaign specifically to your mobile database of customers on one day. Make a compelling offer that is available JUST for them and JUST for that day.

Follow that up with an offer the NEXT day and post that ONLY on social media. Again, make sure your offer is good for JUST that one day.

Results for this test show that TEXT drove more than 4x the number of customer visits vs. Social (check-ins shown in orange)

Results for this test show that TEXT drove more than 4x the number of customer visits vs. Social (check-ins shown in orange)

Now Compare The Results

Analytics in A/B testing for A Boutique. May 15 a text was sent about sales event. May 16 it was announced on social media. https://www.mobilehigh5.com

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5 Ways to Get Customers Back (And Increase Profits!)

Post Summary:

• The difference between those companies which grow and those which don’t is whether they pay attention to their existing customers. The more customers you keep coming in the door, the more likely you will achieve your business goals.

• It costs 6-7 times what it costs to keep a customer than it does to find that new customer. So why are companies focusing so much on generating new customers?

• The biggest hurdle for most is where to begin. In this blog post, I will share 5 easy strategies that you can use to keep your existing customers happy and over the long term, this will increase your profits for much less investment.

The Success Rate of Selling To An Existing Customer is 60-70% vs only 5-20% For A New Customer.

MYTH: You have a GREAT product/service. Customers Will Stick With You.

MYTH: You have a GREAT product/service. Customers Will Stick With You.

Why do customers leave?

1% Die

3% Move

5% Gets a Friend to Provide Service

9% Are Persuaded to Go To A Competitor

14% Are Dissastisfied

68% Believe You Don’t Care About Them

68% Need Constant Convincing That You Care

A business that “gets this” and invests in customer retention does so because it is the biggest revenue driver they have, according to KPMG.

5 Reasons You Need To Care About This

  1. You will see more revenue. These customers already have bought from you, so unless you really screwed up, they will buy again. They already trust you and you already know something about them so you will find it easier to develop offers that compel them to action.

  2. Less Marketing Is Necessary. You’ll spend less time because you won’t have to ALSO find them and convince them to buy, so you’ll spend less on marketing. A new customer costs 16 times more to maintain than an existing one. If you have a restaurant, studies show it takes 4 visits by a customer before they become a regular.

  3. Get Feedback So you Can Improve Their Experience. All you have to do is ask for that feedback and your existing customers will likely provide it. They will feel honored to have been asked and you’ll gain valuable insight that you can use to improve your offering.

  4. Higher Profits. Selling new customers often requires price discounting. Selling to your existing customers is based on value. They will be more receptive got up-selling and cross selling because THEY ALREADY TRUST YOU. According to Gartner Group, 80% of your revenue comes from just 20% of your customers, so reward them and show them you care!

  5. Lower Costs. A small 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 25-95% according to The Harvard Business School.

80% of Your Business Comes From Just 20% Of Your Customers, so Thank Them!

80% of Your Business Comes From Just 20% Of Your Customers, so Thank Them!

Fastest Way To Retain Customers Is Through Loyalty Programs

The easiest way to build a database today and to know you’ll be reaching customers directly is to go MOBILE. Customers only have one phone yet have multiple emails. Relying on email marketing or just social media is based on a strategy of HOPE.

With Mobile marketing, you are reaching your customers right where their attention already is, on their personal phone. A whopping 98% of your messages are read within 5 minutes. Include an incentive and those customers come back in more often. Add a loyalty program that rewards customers for coming back and it acts as a multiplier.

Mobile Loyalty Program In Action

Mobile marketing is permission based, so only those who have given their number willingly will join your program. You will find those are your best customers. They are the folks who want to engage with your business. Regularly. And isn’t that the best customer to have?

Interested in learning more about how a loyalty program might work for your business? Contact me for a no obligation 1-to-1 tutorial.

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What Exactly is Text Message Marketing and Why Is It So Important Now?

What’s all this buzz about text message marketing or SMS advertising about anyway? Why should you be thinking about moving in this direction?

SMS Text Marketing_Business Text Services_Mobile High 5_Connecticut_Pennsylvania_Maryland_Virginia_New York_Massachusetts_Rhode Island._advertising.jpg

Most small businesses have been relying on a combination of social media and email marketing. Think about it. How many unread emails do you have right this minute? Me? I have 345, split across the three emails I own.

Now…how many unread text messages do you have? None to maybe a few

loyalty-marketing-sms text-sms advertising-email marketing alternative-philadelphia-mainline-advertising-mobile high 5.jpg

That is typical of most people. The reality today is that email readership is dropping. Social media is waning. What is happening is we are all migrating to communication methods like messaging, snapchat, texting and the like because — it’s easier. Phones have become stitched to our sides; they are our primary way of navigating our lives. We check our smart phones repeatedly throughout the day.

Isn’t this where your advertising should be? Reach out and indicate your main concern with communicating with your customers this way. Have you tried text message marketing?

Contact us to learn more and schedule a brief demo.

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Mobile High 5 is a marketing firm devoted exclusively to helping businesses communicate effectively with their customers via the mobile platform. This is where all attention is today and honestly, it is the best advertising real estate available. With a 98% read rate within 5 minutes, it has a higher ROI than any other form of advertising available today.