What Exactly is Text Message Marketing and Why Is It So Important Now?

What’s all this buzz about text message marketing or SMS advertising about anyway? Why should you be thinking about moving in this direction?

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Most small businesses have been relying on a combination of social media and email marketing. Think about it. How many unread emails do you have right this minute? Me? I have 345, split across the three emails I own.

Now…how many unread text messages do you have? None to maybe a few

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That is typical of most people. The reality today is that email readership is dropping. Social media is waning. What is happening is we are all migrating to communication methods like messaging, snapchat, texting and the like because — it’s easier. Phones have become stitched to our sides; they are our primary way of navigating our lives. We check our smart phones repeatedly throughout the day.

Isn’t this where your advertising should be? Reach out and indicate your main concern with communicating with your customers this way. Have you tried text message marketing?

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