3 Simple Tips to Make Your Loyalty Program Rock

Make a connection with your customers - it is crucial to the success of your loyalty program.

Make a connection with your customers - it is crucial to the success of your loyalty program.

Here are three key values to use when you design and implement a loyalty program that will bring your customers back!

1. Connect with your customers -

You have to make that initial impression - that this program is for them (not you).  Many times it’s how you position the program. If it focuses on the customer and it is your way of giving back, it will be perceived very positively. Associates must be enthusiastic about the program themselves, so make sure employees are invested in the success of the program. Create a friendly competition and prizes for reaching customer enrollment goals.

Make sure the intro to the program makes the customer feel they are part of your brand or an extension of your company.  When the feeling is mutual, you show them the love through rewards and special offers and they love you back with repeat business, reviews, feedback and referrals!


2. Make it Easy to Join, Give Them Options to Join, Give Them Reasons to Join

You likely only have one or two shots to sell the customer on the program, so make it simple and easy for customers to understand, to earn rewards and by all means give them some incentive to jump in! 

Provide a join reward, and provide flexibility. For example, for rewards (based on spend or visits) provide ample time to use or do not set an expiration.


How to Join? 

  • Have a kiosk for them to join with their mobile number

  • Provide signage with a bar code or QR code to scan

  • Provide a web form to allow customers to join easily via your website 

  • Provide a keyword that can be texted into a short code: text-to-join

  • Provide form links from social posts that allow to join with a click

Why Join?

  • You make it exclusive - it’s reserved for your best customers

  • Give them advanced notice for sales & events

  • You’ll provide them with special offers only available to these club members 

  • Ah yes, those awesome rewards for repeat business!

  • It’s FREE to Join and they can easily unsubscribe

  • You’ll communicate with them when it is important - special events, sales, business updates, info on events you support within the local community, etc.  

3. Provide Personalized Value

At the core, the customers are sharing personal information when they join, so establishing trust is a priority. Explain that you will not spam them and will not share their information.  The most effective programs personalize messages and segment offers based on customer preferences.

For example, at sign-up or shortly thereafter, you should gather the customer’s first name and birthday so you can provide them with an offer close to their special day. They will feel valued when you send them information with their name and related specifically to them.  Over time, gather information on what information customers want from you - events, info about one specific location, sales, contests, etc. and then adhere to sending only that information they have provided for preferences.

 Bonus Tip: In addition, to ensure customers actually see the information and offers use SMS text and MMS multi-media messages to get their attention. As we have mentioned before, 98% of text messages are read within 5 minutes, so you could send an email and it might be seen, but why take that chance that only about 20% of customers may see it? 

Use SMS text messaging only a few times a month to announce special offers and make your loyalty program rock!

 In a nutshell, when setting up and launching a customer loyalty program: 

  • make it about them, 

  • make it easy and again-

  • make it about them!

Here is what mobile marketing looks like to us:

Perfectly-timed, valuable offers, based on customer preferences, delivered to the device they prefer (mobile).

Whether you are considering a change to your program, moving to a new provider or starting a new rewards program, reach out to Mobile High 5. We will deliver repeat business for you! We make it easy, we make it about you and we provide full service!

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