Why SMS Marketing Is the Perfect Tool for Small Business Owners 5 Benefits of Restaurant Online Ordering SystemWhy SMS Marketing Is the Perfect Tool for Small Business Owners

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Barbara Casey brings an extensive depth of marketing experience in SMS text engagement. Her mission is to help small business owners compete with robust marketing tech once only available to large brands.

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Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Online Ordering system trend has grown many folds during the pandemic. As businesses have reopened, having an online ordering system  is a trend that is likely to stick around.  And online ordering automation is bound to grow in popularity.  Restaurant Online Ordering Systems are critical tool for restaurants of all sizes.


Restaurant owners are struggling with the cost of third-party delivery systems.  These systems have reduced profitability.  They have had negative impact on business relationships with customers. As they say, two’s company; three is a crowd! You do not need to struggle with unprofitable third-party delivery options. It can be problematic to use a delivery provider for online pickup orders, due to the high fees that they charge. Mobile High 5 tools help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

If you are paying high commissions and fees with a large platform, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy. If you have waited to embrace online ordering sytem, it’s time to put it in place! We’ll cover a few of the benefits – read on to learn more.

Spend 15 minutes with us – It can make a huge impact to your bottom line!

Self-Funded Text Marking Program

With Restaurant Online Ordering System from Mobile High 5, there are No Commissions.  You have Low Cost and Fixed Card Processing Fees!

Our online ordering system platform has no ongoing monthly fees for online orders. We have a low, one-time set-up fee and menu setup fee. You will need a tablet to accept orders and we recommend a thermal printer. Our system is a progressive web application, all browser-based.  Thus, no app is to download and install for customers. The web app is available in browser on the customer’s mobile phone, tablet or desktop. You use a tablet to view incoming orders, your dashboard and reports!

You can choose to install an optional printer, that is available at cost plus shipping. No extra fees for servicing or reports.

With Mobile High 5, when a customer places an order, they incur a small, fixed convenience fee of let’s say $1.49. 

You get a block of text messages to send to customers for transactional messages.  More these message credits invite clients to your marketing program.  They have up to 2 text blasts per month, included! These special offers will drive customers back in!

If you exceed the message credit allotment for a given month, buy more credits in small buckets, as needed.

This pricing program is for restaurants with at least 200 online orders per month. It requires $300 in monthly order fee revenue.  You would only cover the difference, if needed.

We are flexible and can provide other pricing options, based on your specific needs.

We have several add-on options to help you. For example, Online review generation and management.  There are birthday clubs, special promotions, a branded mobile app, and website services.  We also have auto-engagement of lost or lapsed customers. We’ll even build a simple website for you!

Take Control Of  Your Online Ordering system

Some think using large food delivery platform brings more customers and more orders. It may start with an uptick in orders.  But many large portals are only interested in total orders across all restaurants. They don’t care about your long-term success. Your customers get siphoned off to new restaurants added to their platform. They top priority is their platform growth.  This growth is at the cost of your business.

Your own online ordering system, give you control over your pricing.  Also provides custom-branding and the ability to interact with your customers.  You begin to re-establish that direct customer relationship. Your in-house processes get streamlined.  It frees up your phone lines from call-in orders and focus again on lifetime customer value.

We help you take control of the customer interaction. When the third-party mistakes your customer’s orders or has an delivery issues, it drives away your customers.

Keep Your Customers

With your ordering system, customers save their profile and payments.  Thus have easy ordering the next time they visit. You get access to your customer history and contact information. Thus future marketing efforts become possible. Platforms do not give access to any customer information. With a third-party application, customers may not order with you the next time they are hungry.

Why would you opt to share your customers and their information?

You engage and keep customers with our SMS Text and Enhanced Loyalty Rewards programs.

With Call-to-Action to your new online ordering system customers will come back.  This will be on your Google My Business listing, Facebook, other social media pages, and website for direct online orders. We will make it easier for customers to find your restaurant and ordering menu. The cost to the customer is lower with your own system than with third-party apps.

Build Brand Awareness & Loyalty 

Offer customers a convenient way to order from anywhere.  They select options for dine in, pickup, in-house delivery or pre-orders.

Your brand will be visible in the web application with your logo and your stunning food pictures. We also help you set up your Google My Business listing if it is not setup (with annual commitment). This is one of the most significant steps you can take to make sure your your business can be found online.

We will also set up a low-cost website for you. This will be helpful if you do not already have a website or your current site is not driving in customer orders. Consistent execution and timely service help drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Having a direct pulse on your customer base is the way to go!

The bottom line? You keep more of your revenue!
High commissions and fees of online portals have crushed profitability. Customers want to help restaurants and order directly instead of third-party apps. This way, there is better alignment with customers. You keep your customers. Customer relationships get stronger with special offers with our in-app enhanced promotion engine . Get an affordable, robust online ordering system. It has full reporting, order confirmations, order alerts, web ordering, mobile ordering, custom-branding and more!

Next steps

Complete the form below or schedule a brief online consultation. We’ll answer all your questions! Provide us with your menu, tell us the number orders and number of locations. Then , leave the rest to us! We’ll work with you to put in place a solution that enhances your profitability! 
Ask us about our optional curbside pickup alerts via SMS Text. I’m Here Button or customers text in when they arrive. You get alert for contact-free order pickup.
Your online ordering package includes full service support, social media graphics for program launch, QR Code for customers to scan to join, web forms for your website for customers to join online, execution of text blasts and mobile marketing insights.
Barbara Casey

Barbara Casey

Barbara Casey is a customer engagement expert with 30+ years of experience. She has worked with companies of all sizes to help them design programs to communicate more effectively with their customers. With the power of SMS text for customer engagement, her full-service agency, Mobile High 5, focuses exclusively on the mobile channel. Ms. Casey is a sought-after expert advising companies about unique ways to leverage SMS text.

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