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Why SMS Marketing Is the Perfect Tool for Small Business Owners The Best Time to Start a Loyalty ProgramWhy SMS Marketing Is the Perfect Tool for Small Business Owners

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Barbara Casey - Mobile High 5

Barbara Casey brings an extensive depth of marketing experience in SMS text engagement. Her mission is to help small business owners compete with robust marketing tech once only available to large brands.

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When is the best time to start a Loyalty Program?

Sure, we just recently had some big shopping days (Black Friday, Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday) – and business sales were good. As a small business owner you would really like more consistency and growth over the entire year. So the question you should ask yourself is: How can I prepare now to capture customer information to start a retention cycle? 

Don’t Hesitate- Start Building Your Customer List Today!

When considering Loyalty Programs, there are many Aspects that come into play.

From a timing perspective, we would say Q4 is one of the most attractive times, followed by Q1.  Starting a program in Q4 based on the overall increased level of shopping activity is smart. Offering a loyalty program with a join offer in Q4 will allow you to reach out to those customers with rewards and special offers in Q1, Q2 and into the future. Of course, any time of year can work, but a new calendar year or fiscal year are also factors and be a great reason to plan now and launch in Q1. Think “fresh start”!

We encourage new clients to leverage Q4 customer interactions to build excitement. Create some online, in-store and social engagement messaging that a new rewards program is coming and launch in Q1. Smart, right?

Really, the most important take away is not when is the best time to start, but should I start? If you are looking to build a customer list and increase repeat business, there is really no reason to wait.

We can hear the first Objection already: But I am too busy!

We Know You Are Busy - That’s Why We Are Full Service!

That is fine- absolutely no worries as we do this all for you. Because we are a full service firm, you do not need to learn a new technology. This means fast implementation and even faster results for you. We even provide training for your staff. We set up your program quickly, customize the offers for you and all you have to do is consistently and enthusiastically promote the program! We’ll even help you develop periodic offers to entice those customers back.

So, what factors are important with a Mobile Loyalty Program?

Here are the two primary factors that are critical to your success:

Customers Prefer Text: Why? Text-Short & Sweet!
  1. Your ability to capture customer information as part of a loyalty program to get customers back in and,

  2. Your ability to cut through all the noise that customers are inundated with (through email and social media) to get their direct attention.

You need to Connect with Customers Directly!

At Mobile High 5, we optimize both of these factors with a customized Loyalty Program with integrated SMS Text marketing.

Why Mobile Loyalty?

It is very simple- show customers the love. And…they love you back! The benefits are increased engagement, increased revenue, more word of mouth referrals, more positive reviews and most importantly, more repeat business. Customers need to feel that appreciation and they may also need a subtle reminder or nudge why there is a reason to come back in.

Why is Text Marketing effective?

Did someone say nudge?  Our platform is feature-rich with automated reminders, birthday rewards and personalized messaging which are key to optimize customer engagement. We can set up a reminder to alert a customer that a reward they earned a month ago is expiring, which sends them back in to redeem the offer.

We provide mobile coupons direct to their mobile phones with a 98% read rate within 5 minutes. SMS Text has the highest open rate, crushing email which has an average of about 20%. Customers come in with offers on their phone – ready to redeem! Our clients generally see a spike in foot traffic in the 1-3 days after a text offer is sent, proof that TEXT keeps your brand top of mind.

Why is an Integrated Platform so important?

The integration of both rewards and special offer text alerts is what provides you with an incredible one – two punch. Click the link to read our case study: the results can be staggering!

It is all about the power to connect with your customers instantly, and providing that clear call to action.

Text messages cut through the noise of social media and email with a quick message that is easy to consume and easy to reference when customers come in. We also have multiple options for in-store engagement such as kiosks, check-in manager software tools for associates and API’s for POS integration. We also have a free mobile web app that allows customers to track their progress and review available offers.

Rewards provide that consistent program where customers are shooting for the next level.

We can set multiple reward tiers or just have one for simplicity. When you make the next reward more valuable, customers want to achieve that next level.  Those rewards are self-paced based on the number of visits or spend level. Knowing that you can reach all or a segment of your customer base is powerful.

How do you stand out from the Competition?

Provide the right offers, to the right customers, at the right time, on the device they prefer!


98% Read Rate with a Clear Call To Action!

For boutiques, the change in seasonal clothing, the addition of a new brand or a trunk show are all great reasons to engage customers with an MMS picture message.  If you have seasonal merchandise to clear out, a special offer can be a driver.  If you are a spa and have open spots or want to introduce clients to a new specialist, an alert with an offer can fill the calendar. For restaurants, offers related to themes like Taco Tuesdays, new dishes, or national holidays can all boost traffic.

We hate to admit it, But we are right!

Send a Text Blast to VIPs & Drive Customers In!

We see this work perfectly for large and small businesses in many different industries: Clients include clothing boutiques, med spas, day spas, nail salons, cafés, restaurants, fine dining, gift stores, wineries, breweries and beer stores.  The common factor is they need, thrive and grow based on repeat business.

Why work with Mobile High 5?

We built our business model with the small business owner in mind. We strive to be aligned with you with common goals:

Perks For Your Customers. Results For Your Business!

Success: We help you engage with your clients which drives growth for your business. Just check out our reviews and testimonials.

Affordability: We develop an affordable, yet customized program. As your database grows, so does your ROI. We provide discounts as your volume increases.

Save you Time: We know you’re busy, That’s why we’re full service. We are at your service!

Easy Start Up: We make the start up simple with a brief input session to gather specifics, and then we are off to build your program. Our solutions are typically plug and play, so you do not have to learn a new technology.

Ongoing Support: When you want to connect with your customers, simply fill out our easy online form with a few clicks; we’ll take that info and construct a mobile offer and we send it to your customers. Easy. Simple. Awesome!

We hope we have answered you question: Loyalty Programs – When is The Best time to Start?

If you have any questions about how and when to start a loyalty program for your business just reach out. We can provide a quick personalized walkthrough. 

Act Now

Customer loyalty programs are common, but an affordable, customized, full service program that can reach all of your customers instantly, that is priceless.

Have a few minutes? Reach out and we’ll provide a brief online demo while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

Barbara Casey

Barbara Casey

Barbara Casey is a customer engagement expert with 30+ years of experience. She has worked with companies of all sizes to help them design programs to communicate more effectively with their customers. With the power of SMS text for customer engagement, her full-service agency, Mobile High 5, focuses exclusively on the mobile channel. Ms. Casey is a sought-after expert advising companies about unique ways to leverage SMS text.

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