What does “Opt” mean in text?

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What is Opt-in Texting?

“Opt” mean in Text is essential to understand for successful business text marketing.

The word “opt” means to choose something.  Opt-in means agreeing to participate or be part of a group.  At the same time, opt-out means choosing not to participate or not be part of a group.

What does Opt mean in Text?

“Opt” mean in Text that recipients subscribe to your text communications.  They are opt-in to receive Texts or SMS from your business.  If they decide not to subscribe (or unsubscribe later), opt out.

Here’s the dictionary definition of Opt.

There are strict regulations protecting consumers from receiving unsolicited marketing messages via texts.  Therefore, it is critical to understand what opt mean in Text.

What are opt-in and opt-out in texting?

Opt-in When using SMS text marketing to grow your brand, it is crucial to understand what makes SMS text marketing different.  Transaction Texts refer to the Text that provides action, response, or support.  Customers get the information they require if you send a transactional SMS message.  In such situations, you typically notify your customers that you’ll send only texts related to your purchases.  Tell customers in advance that you are not sending promotional text messages.

How to build an opt-in SMS marketing list?

You can start generating opt-in lists using SMS using many different methods.

1.  Use a website opt-in form

Put a form for opting into a newsletter on your website.  Ask subscribers for their phone numbers.  After receiving the subscription request from the website, please send a text for confirmation of their subscription.  This process is called Double Opt-In.

2.  Keep SMS messages short and inviting

Attracting new customers won’t be easy if you send a long-winded advertisement. 

Keep text brief.

Text communication is essentially different from e-mail communication.  Most marketing e-mails are never read.  But texts have a very high rate of engagement because they are brief. 

Opt-in Texts have to inspire action.  Make the Call-to-action attractive for the success of the Text campaign.  You can build up more lists if you have clear calls to action.

3.  Use a dedicated phone number or a shortcode

The best option is for customers to text a keyword to a dedicated phone number or a short code to become mobile subscribers.  This short process builds your subscription list quickly.  Texting a simple keyword is an easy way to subscribe.

4.  Use your e-mail list

An easy way of creating an SMS marketing list is to contact current subscribers of the e-mail list.  Ask current customers and e-mail subscribers to also Opt-in to the Text list. 

The best way to get this Opt-in is to provide a short form or a shortcode they use on their phone to sign up.

5.  Include images and links

MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service sends Images via Texts.  Customers are attracted to relevant images and take action.

It allows for a longer text message and can include emojis. 

Include a link to a detailed page of your offer to allow customers to get to your website to learn more.

6.  Use website chats

Text Opt-in can be obtained during website chats as well.  As you develop automated chats on your site, make incentives available for the visitors to sign up for the Text campaign.  Providing discount codes via texts increases their conversions.

7.  Promote on business cards or signs

Add actionable instructions to subscribe by SMS text to your company card.  Add a shortcode to your business card to sign up for the text marketing list.

What should I do if I don’t have an opt-in list?

It’s an exciting problem to solve.  Create an Opt-in list contacting clients via text messages with incentives to sign up.

1.  Convenient communication

Successful Marketing is all about ease of communication and convenience.  The convenience of communication can lead to great success in meeting your business targets.  Generally, a waxing salon will e-mail customers reminder messages and invoices and requests a review on their phone once they have purchased services.  But the response rate on e-mails is meager.  Instead, sending the same messages via Text has a much higher rate of success.  Customers find it very easy to provide reviews and book their next appointments via texts from their phones.  And as a result of the communication via texts, salons will be able to inform clients of special offers available for a short time.  They will try to get the customer to opt-in to their Text Marketing List during this time.  Their customers will allow for all messages to come via SMS.

2.  SMS campaigns

Send discounts directly to your marketing list via text messages.  One example is hair salons.  When they have several slots open from time to time, they can offer free products to customers who will fill them.  This offer can be sent via Text to the Opt-in list in the area for fast responses.  The slots will get filled, and customers will be happy to get free products.

Other Sales and incentives can get a higher success rate when sent via Text. 

Make the message short and sweet for your customers, like the delivery of the latest product is ready for them to pick up.

3.  Long-term relationships

SMS messages are essential for the growth of B2C.  Using SMS and MMS to contact your customers quickly can help to increase their trust in the product and its message quality.  Investing in your communications with your clients is investing in your business.

We can help you build Opt-in lists.

We have decades-long experience creating SMS Marketing full-service solutions for businesses.  We start with building Opt-in lists.  We use several tools and strategies to inspire your ideal future and current customers to opt into your marketing campaign.

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