Loyalty Program for Boutiques - Case Study

Use mobile marketing to grow your Boutique business

Loyalty Program for Boutiques
How a Retail Boutique built repeat business with SMS Text


The Boutique business scenario

Loyalty Program for Boutiques is the topic of this case study. The Case Study is on a boutique that is on the East Coast that has two locations. The owner decided to set up our customer loyalty system based on Text messages. The situation was that the Sales were leveling off. They had a loyalty program associated with the POS system, but it could only text receipts.

The POS system did not have a full-text marketing capability. It did not provide the level of sophistication and features Mobile High 5 offers. At the same time, the business owner wanted to grow the business. She was skeptical about how a loyalty program could grow her business. The key to success is Text Marketing (SMS Marketing) in the Loyalty program. This boutique offers women’s stylish fashions, shoes, accessories, and gifts. In the Apparel industry, SMS Marketing has a high ROI.

They relied on word-of-mouth advertising and social media posts in the past.  She checked with other business owners who had implemented text marketing. After a short while in our loyalty program for boutiques, the results were clear. There was a high level of responsiveness and customer engagement. The sales grew fast.

Bottom Line: A few months into the Mobile High 5 loyalty program for boutiques, the business started growing. The owner wished she had started sooner. We have heard similar feedback from many other business owners:  “I wish I had started sooner!”

Loyalty Program for Boutiques
BOUTIQUE LOYALTY (Build a Loyal Following!)

Get immediate, direct response from SMS Text


Send the right offer, at the right time to the device customers prefer: Mobile!


Custom Loyalty program for Boutiques

For this boutique, we provided a simple, single-tier reward program. Based on a preset spend amount, the customer would receive a $25 reward to spend on a future purchase. We implemented a customized program. The features include a birthday club and personalized SMS and MMS picture messages. There is also an auto engagement “We Miss You” offer. This offer gets sent to customers who have not purchased in a while.

Review generation & review management

This boutique owner selected our review management solution. We provide tools to generate and manage online reviews as an added service. The tools work by requesting a review from customers. This request goes after the redemption of a reward. Also, customer reviews get streamed on the website. These reviews are from various sources, including Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and Yelp.

If customers indicate issue(s) in the review, they are asked to share details of the problem. Their responses go to the business owner, who then responds privately. This helps resolve issues before they get posted to a public review site.

Connect with your customers!

This boutique business steadily built a database of mobile subscribers over 12 months. This database has grown to over 700 customers and has added 80 new customers per month over the past four months. We project it will grow to over 1,000 customers in the next 3 to 4 months. An important measure to note is the total number of repeat customers. Our Loyalty program provides statistics that demonstrate the number of new customers, those that made one purchase, those that made 2-3 purchases, 4-5 purchases, and 6+ purchases.

The results for this business are worth noting. On average, they will sell to 3- 6 customers. After sending a text blast with a special offer, there can be 15 – 30 customers who check in and make a purchase within hours. With offers valid for more than one day, there is the additional sales activity for the next few days


Real results in one year:

  • 670 New Customers in 12 Months!
  • 242 Customers visited 2+ times!
  • 71 customers visited 6+ times!
  • Top 10 Customers had 13 – 20 visits each!
  • 1,111 Checkins!
  • 161 loyalty rewards earned!
  • 347 Coupon Redemptions!
  • Less than 2% Opted Out!

See real growth in your business with Loyalty Rewards as you build your own customer list and reach customers directly with SMS Text!

Revenue Opportunity

We have boutiques that run $50,000 to over $650,000 in annual revenue through our platform. Regardless of the size of your business, if you continually grow your mobile subscriber base, your revenue will continue to grow. More Traffic = More Revenue!

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Return On Investment (Roi)

Consultants would recommend a business invest in a project that has a 5:1 ROI ratio and indicate that is a great investment.

Assuming the average profit margin for a boutique of 32%: 

This boutique’s ROI for the 1 year cost has a 14:1 ROI ratio. This means for every $1 invested, they would earn $14.

 * * Note Your Results May Vary


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