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Business Mobile Guide - 5 reasons your Business should implement a Mobile Strategy


Our Business Mobile Guide Shows SMS Text Marketing is the most Effective Way to Reach Customers

Text Marketing Returns the Highest ROI of any Communication Method!

Download our Business Mobile Guide to learn why Boutiques & Retail Merchants frequently wonder why their social media posts do not seem to motivate customers to come into the store. Well, that is because most customers do not see your posts. Unless you are pay for sponsored ads, only a fraction of your followers will see a post in their feed. Learn How to take control of your marketing and actually reach customers with a strong call to action, and where 98% read the offer within 5 minutes. We have robust options to further engage customers with MMS Picture Messages.

Perhaps one of the most significant factors is getting customers to Opt-In to your Text or Loyalty program. Mobile High 5 multiple tools, techniques and strategies to help you get customers to join. These include a customized loyalty kiosk, QR codes, custom banners, Text-To-Join campaigns, CRM software to manage customer interactions, special join offers and more.

Talk to us about the high redemption rates for options such as birthday clubs, lapsed customer offers and more. We set up a custom-designed rewards structure and then we execute the program for you, including 2 messages per month to your mobile subscriber list. Our programs are packed with automation tools so that we simply take marketing off your to do list!

SMS should be part of your overall digital marketing strategy

Send Customers offers & alerts directly to their Cell Phones - Download Business Mobile Guide

Download our Business Mobile Guide to learn how 100% Permission based SMS Marketing will grow your business. Send a text offer to thousands of your customers and experience a 98% open rate within 5 minutes! 

Customers will appreciate the benefits of a custom-designed loyalty program, or you can simply use a text club so that members who opt-in get exclusive offers and updates via Text message.  

Promote your business & keep your company at the top of your customer’s mind with branded, perfectly-timed offers and rewards!

It’s time to Get Mobile High 5, the end-to-end mobile marketing powerhouse.

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