Answer IT: The Automated Phone System with Digital Marketing Built in

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Many businesses have a healthy volume of incoming customer calls for questions, scheduling appointments, operating hours, directions, and other repetitive tasks.

Most brick-and-mortar businesses need to hire receptionists and phone attendants for every shift.

With labor shortages and wage inflation, hiring and paying for these positions has become a significant challenge.

Answer IT is an incoming phone management system with digital marketing features.

Thus, you save money, answer customer inquiries consistently, book appointments without hassle, and grow your business with digital marketing.

In other words, Answer IT is a technology for doing more with less.



It is a technology that marries an automated phone system with digital marketing. Most businesses have a real challenge with answering incoming calls especially when they also provide the service.

Answer IT reduces the need for a person to pick up the phone by 80% while providing callers with the information they want, instantly.


We all are familiar with Automated Phone Systems. They answer incoming calls and ask the caller to choose from a menu by pushing specific number keys.

Based on what the caller chooses, they forward the call to a specific extension or provide the location, hours of operation, address, and other business-related information. The problem with most automated phone systems is someone still must return all those calls. The other issue is that when you answer a call, it means someone else calling may be on hold.

Today, callers want answers instantly; they don’t like waiting. Often, they will just move on to the next business.

Answer IT takes answering the phone to the next level, answering routine requests by sending the caller a link with information to answer their question right to their cell phones via SMS text.

A caller who wants directions, instead of struggling to write down the directions or address, the caller, for example is texted a link to a google map. Instead of listening to you read your website address, they, instead are sent a link to your website via SMS text. Instead of playing telephone tag to schedule an appointment, the caller gets a link to your booking software so they can schedule an appointment or your open table link to make a dining reservation.

Answer IT - Automated Phone System with Digital Marketing
Answer IT - Automated Phone System with Digital Marketing

Hiring? Press 4 to get a link to your online application. Are you a contractor who is often on a site doing the work when someone calls for a quote? Caller hears “press 5 to get a quote on your project. They are texted a link to your intake form. Now you have all the information about their project and when you call them back, you’ll be able to provide a more accurate quote in less time.

Answer IT allows the business to offer more information than before by sending links to relevant website pages, your open table or calendar booking software. At the same time, we capture caller data, invite callers to opt-in to get future offers from your business and now you have an easy way to drive in customers when business is slow using our full-service SMS text marketing program.

Of course, there is always the option for the caller to request live help as well or to leave voicemail. Those who wish to speak to someone live are the only calls you will hear ringing through.

Already have a VOIP or Ring Central type service? We can layer this software right on top.


There are several benefits of implementing this technology.

  1. Provide customers with relevant information without waiting on hold during busy times.
  2. Book appointments, reserve tables, and provide other services faster.
  3. Reduce the incoming call traffic by 70% to 80%.
  4. Eliminate missed calls or call waiting as Answer IT can answer 100K calls simultaneously!
  5. The Outgoing messages are easy to edit for different seasons and business needs.
  6. Voicemail transcription and 1-click callback are available.
  7. A general manager of multi-locations can manage live calls, and voicemail boxes remotely.
  8. Multi-language capabilities are available for serving a diverse customer base.
  9. Collect opt-In caller data for marketing with each call. Automatically invite callers to join a text club to receive special offers.
  10. Send Promotion alerts, Digital Coupons, and other marketing messages directly to their phones.
  11. A Full-service, a dedicated manager will help you make the most of your investment. They will help modify the outgoing message, design marketing outreach and train your staff.


SMS marketing tools can use the Mobile phone numbers we opt-in through Answer IT to deliver targeted marketing messages to drive in business when it is slow. Our SMS Marketing tool provides Text Clubs, Loyalty Programs, online review generation, and other campaigns.

These marketing campaigns will grow your business and provide a way to reach customers instantly.


Consider the cost of hiring receptionists for each location. Customers getting frustrated because of the long wait or bad call experience (84% of customers do not return to the business if they have a bad experience) is costly.  Missed calls during busy times impact the bottom line.

Answer IT will pay for itself in no time and start saving you money while growing your business.

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Reduce incoming calls by 80% while increasing customer experience by many folds.  

Please provide accurate information to the customer when they need it, directly to their phones.

Build a Mobile Subscriber list. Grow your business by marketing to them.

Staff is happy, customers are satisfied, and your business grows!  It cannot get better than this!

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