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Curbside Restaurant System, Curbside Pickup System, Curbside Service System

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Today, the Curbside Restaurant Service is essential to attract busy, cost-sensitive customers. At the same time, it is a way to increase Profits, grow the customer base, and keep the most loyal customers coming for more. They are also referred as Curbside Pickup Software, Restaurant Texting System or Restaurant SMS Solutions.
Restaurants have the limitation of seating capacity and staff availability for serving. Therefore, these limitations dictate how much money it can make. At the same time, due to the low-profit margins, every single order is vital to the bottom line.
One way to grow profit from sales beyond these limitations is to offer To-Go meals. So serving customers with To-go orders is the potential for exponential growth and higher profits.
The To-Go meals do not need logistical expenses related to space and labor. They attract customers who do not have time or desire a sit-down meal experience. As a result, more sales have a higher profit margin. To-Go meals can reach the customers via delivery or Restaurant SMS Solution.
Many customers prefer Curbside Restaurant Service as it saves them time and money. There is no need to pay delivery charges and Tips nor wait for the food to arrive.
Let’s learn how this service can help your restaurant grow its business and profits.

What is a Curbside Restaurant System?

Curbside Restaurant System is a set of tools and processes. It publishes the restaurant menu online and takes online orders. So, it enables delivery to customers in the restaurant’s parking lot. This system automates communication from ordering to the kitchen to delivery. It informs the customer when the order is ready for pick up.

Alerts the delivery team when the customer arrives in the parking. Later it sends review requests, coupons, and marketing messages to customers. Thus, bringing repeat business and building brand loyalty. It is also referred to as Restaurant Texting System and Restaurant SMS Solutions.


The benefits of implementing a curbside restaurant system for restaurants

The benefits of a curbside restaurant system start and end with one word, ‘growth.’
Growth in sales. Growth in profits.
It starts with a plan to serve customers outside the confines of the dining space. Thus creating a ghost kitchen. Therefore a delivery-only restaurant, virtual kitchen, shadow kitchen, commissary kitchen, cloud kitchen, or dark kitchen are common.
Restaurant SMS Solution attracts clients to the online menu via social media. Also, reviews and other marketing strategies are helpful. Thus, making the brand popular with a broader market. These are families and individuals who would rather eat at home. This way, repeat business grows. Loyal customers spend on specials and great food. At the same time, they save with coupons. The ease of doing business boosts loyalty to your business.
The result is Business, Sales, and Profit growth.


Essential features to look for in a curbside restaurant system.

There are many Curbside Restaurant systems available. Some are national and international brands like Door Dash and Uber Eats. At the same time, other lesser-known companies also offer sound solutions. So, the best features needed for a successful Curbside restaurant setup are available. They are not limited to the more prominent brand offerings.
Learn how to optimize the Curbside Restaurant system

a) Affordable Cost of Ownership and Operation

The food business is challenging due to low-profit margins. So, all costs need attention. Prominent brands like Door Dash and Uber Eats provide food delivery services. Along with that, they also offer Curbside Restaurant Systems. The cost of using these systems is a percentage of the revenue. At the same time, they charge other fees. The total price is steep for most small restaurants. The best one would be flat fees based on usage of features rather than a percentage of the sale.


b) Ownership of the Customer Information

A business needs to own its customer information. Because harnessing this information, can improve customer retention and grow the business.

Thus, any Curbside Restaurant System restricting customer and sales data hampers business growth. The national brand solutions do not allow the restaurant to hold the data generated.

So, there is a need to find a system that enables individual restaurants to own and use their data as they see fit.


c) Avoiding watering down of your brand

It is important to save your brand from unnecessary competition or watering down. By joining a large food delivery and curbside restaurant system, you compete. These apps advertise competition when your customers log in to place an order. In addition to this, they send coupons and market other competing restaurants to your customers. As a result, you are making them money, and they take your customers away.

It is paramount your Curbside Restaurant system helps build customer loyalty. It brings you repeat business rather than taking that business to the competition.


How our curbside restaurant system improves customer experience and grows your profits

We offer a Curbside Restaurant System that enables business and profit growth. It supports and promotes brand loyalty and repeats business from your customer base.

Here’s a Case Study on how a local Restaurant grew its Business with SMS Marketing.

Let’s see the features in detail.


Full-Service Restaurant SMS Solutions from Marketing Professionals

Have you ever purchased something and then could not figure out how to use it or benefit from it? These types of costly mistakes happen all the time. But with our full-service system, you will get the most return on your investment.

Therefore, our Marketing Professionals help to set up and run the Curbside Restaurant System. Our marketing experience builds your business success. From the online menu setup to loyalty program campaigns, we are experts.


Affordable online Ordering System

Our online ordering system publishes your menu online. It also provides order processing online. This system offers low processing fees, credit card transaction fees. Other fees are also reasonable and affordable. As a result, these costs pay for themselves with each online order. They create exponential value with the addition of each loyal customer.


Own your customer data, use it to grow Business

As your customers place orders and make purchases online, they provide vital data. So this data has their contact information, phone number, date of transaction. Equally important, other data are collected during the Opt-in process. And this creates a customer profile. This profile and future orders will guide marketing efforts, offers, and loyalty campaigns.

Thus, your business must own and control this data.

Our Curbside Restaurant System enables complete control of this data.


Safe Contact-Less Restaurant Texting System

Our Two-way messaging system creates a safe, contact-less Restaurant texting system. When customers arrive in the parking lot to pick up, they send a text message, and their order arrives at their car. This Two-way messaging system works from the native SMS system of phones. So, there is no need to download any extra app for customers. Our Restaurant Texting System makes contact-less easy.

Grow repeat business and loyalty of Patrons

SMS Marketing messages have a 98% read rate in five minutes of receiving. Email marketing cannot even come close to this level of reach. Our Curbside Restaurant system provides robust SMS marketing solutions.
As a result, the marketing messages keep your patrons ordering repeatedly. Thus, marketing messages crafted by our experienced team grow your business. Customers are engaged with holiday specials, discounts, birthday and anniversary coupons. New menu announcements and other SMS marketing messages go out regularly.
This way, our full-service SMS marketing builds a loyal following for your business.

Conclusion – Use our Curbside Restaurant System to grow your Business

Our marketing team has decades of hands-on experience helping businesses like you. We are a full-service SMS marketing company. Therefore, you will deliver results without finding the time to do it yourself. As a result, seating capacity limitation and shortage of the waiting staff will not be a problem. And this will result in business and profit growth. Contact us to learn more and see how we can assist you.