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curbside pick up solutions to streamline your opertations with sms texting

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We offer full service Curbside Pickup Software for your Business Texting needs. We customize the message flow to your business needs.

They Drive up! You hand off! Happy Customers!

Make your outdoor curbside pickup process safe for customers & staff.

curbside pickup software

Get safe, contact-free options using SMS Text from Mobile High 5!  Many restaurants and businesses are now subject to capacity restrictions. Expand your capabilities and offer curbside pickup for customer orders. 

Our Curbside Management Solutions streamline the process for faster delivery to the customer.

Ask us about our Click to Collect Option - A Custom “I Am Here” Button for added Convenience!

One of the best ways to handle customers during peak breakfast, lunch, or dinner is to implement an “I Am Here” button. We provide you with a pre-programmed button. You include that on the confirmation of the customer’s order. When they arrive, customers click the button.  Our system will send an alert and audible signal to your pickup dashboard. Our system will text the customer asking for the order number, name, or parking spot. Then your staff can deliver the order. Fast and efficient. 

Mobile High 5 can Help you accommodate Customers Quickly and Drive Efficiency.

Get a customized outdoor Curbside pickup software! Give customers the easy curbside pickup process they want!


No app to download!  Customers text in to alert you that they have arrived. You can auto-respond to ask their name, order, car model, color. Staff deliver orders or pick up their pet in the case of pet grooming or veterinarian hospitals.


This solution is ideal for all retailers and all service-oriented businesses. Such as dog groomers, veterinary hospitals, pharmacies, beer & wine stores, specialty retailers, gift stores, gourmet food stores, breweries, and others.

Consider pairing our Online Ordering solution with Curbside Pickup alerts from Mobile High 5

Free up your phone lines for incoming orders and increase the number of orders you receive. Customers love the convenience of online ordering and on average, the dollar amount of online orders is higher. 

Monitor Customer arrivals for Curbside Pickup Software and Respond instantly!


Make your Curbside Pickup process easy!

We’ll work with you to implement a customized message flow for your business.

Offer customers an easy way make a purchase with Curbside Pickup! Free up your phone lines for incoming orders!


Order Placed

Customer Arrives

Curbside Delivery

curbside pickup process simplified!
Make Your Curbside Pick Up Process More Efficient with SMS Text!
Customers Text In Or Click An “I’m Here” Button When They Arrive

This is helpful to reduce calls for order pickup, so those do not clog your lines for incoming phone orders!

You can have your existing business line enabled for SMS Text Messages, or we can get a new number for you. 

This is a perfect time to build a list of customers.  Our mobile text programs will make them loyal customers.


Online Ordering and Curbside Pickup Services | Simple. Easy. Awesome.


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