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Mobile High 5 makes Online Ordering system free!

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Get A BLOCK OF SMS MESSAGE CREDITS – Included Each Month To Drive More Orders!

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Each month that you are enrolled in the program, we automatically provide you with a block of message credits. These credits are based on up to 8 times to number of orders from the prior month, so as you grow your orders, you grow your capacity to reach customers to place more orders directly with you.

This covers SMS messages to directly invite customers to your VIP Text Club and all the transactional SMS messages needed for any online orders processed through our platform.

We also provide you with ample message credits to send up to Two SMS Text Blasts to drive customers back in! When you can reach customers directly and instantly through SMS Text, you drive more online orders.

Make Online Ordering Easy for Customers!



Get A Feature Rich Service Including Dine In Orders, To Go Pickup Orders, In House Delivery and Pre-orders.

Control your Customers Relationships & Communications

We can set up your online ordering menu to save you a lot of time & effort. With our tools, we can place a Menu & Order Button and Reservation Button on your existing website. Or if you prefer, we can implement a fully optimized website quickly. This will allow you to direct customers to this new site for online orders.

You can systematically invite customers to Join Your Loyalty Program.

When you build your own mobile subscriber database, you create e powerful mechanism that sets you on a path to greater control of your customer relationships. Customers must opt-in to receive ongoing marketing communications, alerts and special offers. A critical aspect is to learn more about your individual customers. Using our automated tools, you can gather customer preferences. As you gather customer preferences, expertly segment messages and offers based on those customer preferences, essentially giving customers exactly what they are looking for! Mobile High 5 will help you take a more proactive approach to grow your business.

Commission-Free Pricing Option

As customers become accustomed to online ordering fees, pass on the cost, in the form of a small convenience fee of $0.99 for each order. We also allow the flexibility of other pricing options so you can choose how you can take advantage of our online ordering tools.

Get Online Orders Directly

The Online Ordering System from Mobile High 5 helps you take orders instantly. Customers can place orders from any device – from any location.

Integrate Menu Ordering on Facebook

Want to drive more orders? Get a Menu & Order Button right on your Facebook page. When customers visit your profile on Facebook, they can order easily and instantly.

Predictable, Flat Credit Card Processing Fees

Regardless of the Type of card used, you get a simple, Flat Fee: 2.9% Fee + $0.30 Per Transaction, Including American Express.

No Ongoing Monthly Fees for Online Ordering

No ongoing monthly fees for our online ordering software. Customers pay a Small Convenience Fee of $0.99 for each order and there is a monthly minimum revenue of $200 and you would cover any shortfall, if applicable. We also can customize a solution with the exact pricing options and for any optional features you want and need. Talk To us – We’ll walk you through optional services that are available!

15 Minutes With Mobile High 5 Can Help Your Online Ordering Profitability & Sustainability!

Mobile High 5 has the Perfect Online Ordering Solution for Food Trucks!

Food Truck Owners: Simplify Your Ordering Process:

  • Customers easily scan a QR code to instantly access your menu.
  • Customers pre-pay for orders via credit card.
  • You confirm acceptance of the order and indicate a time when the order will be ready!
  • Customers pick up when the order is ready!
  • Customers pay a convenience fee of $0.99, which you can waive if they spend over a specified threshold.
  • Streamline your ordering process, so you can focus on preparing the orders

Most importantly, build a mobile subscriber database, so when you are in a specific location, you can alert your loyal followers who are interested in that location! Create a following that allows you to entice those loyalists with reward and social offers!

Get Full Functionality & Powerful Features for Free!

  • Get Robust Mobile Ordering Tools: Customers can order instantly from their mobile phone or directly from their desktop. We customize everything for you.
  • Fast Setup: We set-up your menu menu and depending on the optional services you select, you can integrate loyalty, review management, text blasts and more.
  • Keep Your Customers Engaged: With our SMS Text and integrated loyalty solutions, we can drive your customers back more frequently!

Drive more profitable Online Ordering!


We structure your solution so that customers pay a modest convenience / service fee for orders.

Keep third-party delivery services if you desire, however, you keep much of your profit by redirecting orders to your new Mobile High 5 online ordering solution and your own in-house delivery or curbside pickup.

Explore SMS Text Curbside Pickup

Perfect Your Curbside Pickup Process!

  • Get an optional, customized message flow based on your requirements for curbside pickup!
  • Serve customers quickly and safely by providing a contact-free curbside pickup option.
  • Customers simply text in when they arrive and you are alerted instantly. 
  • We send an automated response to ask customers for their name, order number and car make /model. Inside, staff members are alerted with an audible signal for new arrivals. Send an auto response or custom response to the customer regarding their order. Staff can immediately deliver to customers in their vehicle.
  • We customize the message flow for your specific location and requirements.

Explore SMS Text Mobile offers

SMS Text Programs from Mobile High 5

We can integrate a digital loyalty program to reward and entice customers!

  • Build a mobile subscriber list.

  • Once they opt-in, you can then you can reach them instantly when you have an announcement or a special promotion. Use Text blasts with a link to a mobile coupon. Blasts can be sent to all your opted-in customers or a we can send to only a segment. For even more engagement we can also deliver an MMS Picture message.

We provide several safe, touch-less and contact-free options to engage customers through loyalty and text programs. Ask us about our cost-effective review generation and reputation management services. You get three beneficial components!

Consider Review Management to get more 5 Star Reviews!

In this environment, leverage powerful online tools for a more consistent customer experience. Mobile High 5 helps clients engage customers with automated review management services to monitor customer sentiment and improve customer satisfaction.

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