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Make your Restaurant Online Orders profitable!

What’s the secret to profitable Restaurant Online Ordering?

Our Commission-free Restaurant Online Ordering Platform includes a block of SMS Message Credits Every Month!

Our Restaurant Online Ordering software gets you monthly SMS message credits.

This includes SMS messages for Text Club invites and transactional SMS messages about orders.  We also provide you with enough message credits to send up to Two SMS Text Blasts to drive customers back in!

Regain control and build your customer list.  The best tool to reach customers instantly and directly on mobile with our online restaurant ordering software.


It’s time to take back control of Online Ordering from Third - Party Delivery Firms! Explore the benefits with Mobile High 5!

Get your own online ordering platform for your restaurant - with no monthly fees! Fight Back - don’t pay the high fees of large monopolistic platforms!

Restaurant Owners: Ask three key Questions about Online Ordering:

  1. Are third-party ordering platforms siphoning off your customers & your customer data?
  2. Do you pay 30%, 20% or 10% commissions or high monthly fees to an online ordering provider?
  3. Are you getting all the blame for delivery issues from third-party delivery firms?

Answered ‘Yes’ to any of these?  Explore Our Commission-Free Online Ordering Platform.



Take Control Over Communications with your Customers

Use our Restaurant Online Ordering system to send customers invites to Join Your Customized Loyalty Program. This will create a mobile subscriber database that you own. After customers opt-in, restaurant online ordering system send automatic alerts and special offers. You can use customer preferences to segment messages and offers. You can sit back and wait for orders (not recommended). Or take a proactive approach to promote unique offerings, deals, and delicious menus!

A tailored approach using SMS Text can be beneficial during slower days or times. We have automation for birthday offers or texts to customers who have not visited in the last 30 or 60 days. We can customize the frequency, timing, eligibility criteria, and specific offer.

Read our recent blog post on the dramatic shifts in the foodservice industry.


Take Orders Directly in Restaurant Online Ordering system

The Mobile High 5 Online Ordering System Allows Easy & Fast Orders From Anywhere & Any Device. You have control over acceptance of orders.

Get Facebook Menu Integration

We’ll Add Your New Menu Into Facebook, Making It Easy For Customers To Find You & Place an Order Instantly! Having a Menu & Order Button right on your on Facebook Page will help you increase orders, especially if you place facebook ads.

Get Free to you Pricing

Customers now have become more attuned to a service fee or convenience fee. Our Free To You Pricing Option puts you back in control. Customers pay a low convenience fee for each order placed. We also have other pricing options available.

Simple, Flat Credit Card Processing Fees

Our preferred Credit Card Payment Provider has a Flat Fee: 2.9% Fee + $0.30 Per Transaction. That is Across All Types of Cards, Including American Express

Commission-Free Restaurant Online Ordering Platform

You Get A Full-Featured Online Ordering System while self-funding your Text Marketing Program. Get our Commission-Free Online Ordering System! Talk To Us!

Use Text Blasts to Drive more Online Orders for your Restaurant

Most restaurant online ordering platforms allow customers to order, but do they proactively drive orders? Most restaurants do not have the capability to reach customers directly or instantly. With Mobile High 5 We can direct customers to your online menu and online ordering at the right tie, with the right offer to drive results.

Get a Fully Optimized, Low Cost Restaurant website including Domain

Looking for a new website? Get an optional, fully optimized website for a low monthly fee. This will include a newly provisioned domain, or we can use your existing domain. We will include Order Now & Table Reservation Buttons. We set the website up for you!

15 Minutes With Mobile High 5 Can Help Your Restaurant Online Ordering Profitability & Sustainability!

Get Full Function Menu Options and Customization with Restaurant Online Ordering System


Profitable Online Ordering: 

Many restaurants have little or no profit in delivering food orders due to high platform costs. It’s time for you to check another option with Mobile High 5’s Mobile Online Ordering Solutions.

Mobile Ordering:

Customers can order from their mobile phone or their desktop. We customize the mobile app for your menu options in the restaurant online ordering system.

Fast Setup: 

We provide quick approval. Free menu setup. Optional services can integrate loyalty, review management, text blasts, Etc.

Keep Your Customers with our Restaurant Online Ordering System: 

Large monopolistic online ordering platforms take over your customer relationships. Sure it starts well, but your orders drop unless you pay to move higher in listings over time. We help you keep control of your customers. With our SMS Text and integrated loyalty solutions, we can drive your customers back!

The Combination of Flat Credit Card Fees & no Monthly Fee will Drive Profitable Online Ordering!



Customers pay a modest service fee for orders to offset or cover your costs.  Or, we can configure our low commission structure.  Keep third-party delivery services if you desire.  But, you keep your profit by redirecting orders to your new Mobile High 5 online ordering solution.  You can use your in-house delivery or curbside pickup.

Reliable Service:

 We are full service, so we configure your solution.  You continue to run your restaurant, and we’ll drive more orders using automation and SMS Text tools in our Restaurant Online Ordering System

Explore SMS Text Curbside Pickup

Perfect Your Curbside Pickup Process! Safely serve customers by providing a contactless curbside pickup option.

Customers simply text in when they arrive and you are alerted instantly. We send an automated response to ask customers for their name, order number and car make /model.

Or we can set up a process where they click a button when they arrive (I’m here!). Easily monitor arrivals and staff can deliver to customer’s vehicles instantly!

We customize the message flow for your specific location and requirements.

curbside pickup alert

Explore SMS Text Mobile Ofers


Get a powerful marketing tool with an SMS Text Program from Mobile High 5!

Pair it with an integrated digital loyalty program to get the best of both worlds!

  • You build a mobile subscriber list of your most loyal customers.

  • Then, you can reach them instantly when you have a juicy offer or special promotion. When you decide to run an offer, we quickly send out a text blast with a link to a mobile coupon. You can also use MMS Picture messages for even higher customer engagement.

We provide several safe, touch-less and contact-free options to engage customers through loyalty and text programs.

Fast Menu Setup and Full Implementation.

We add your menu to the restaurant online ordering system and set ordering options to your requirements in our restaurant online ordering system. We continue to add additional functionality on an ongoing basis, based on client feedback.

Flexible Menu Options in restaurant online ordering system

Our restaurant online ordering menus have many options to set required options, such as quantity or size, as well as required or optional selections for add- ons, sauces, flavors, and a special notes field so customers can make additional requests.

You have the ability to accept orders and even during peak times, turn off online ordering temporarily.

Dine In - Pickup - Delivery and Preorder Functionality

You can determine the types of orders you allow, such as Dine-In, Pickup, In House Delivery, or Pre-Order for a future time or date. You can also limit the number of days that preorders are allowed.

Ask us about our cost-effective review generation and reputation management services. You get three beneficial components!

Consider Review Management to Get more 5 Star Reviews!

In this environment, leverage powerful online tools for a more consistent customer experience. Mobile High 5 helps clients engage customers with automated review management services to monitor customer sentiment and improve customer satisfaction.

Get effective review management, review generation and reputation management services, all of which are integrated with our customized SMS Text Message and Loyalty Programs.

Unfortunately, it happens: the day you receive a negative review from a dissatisfied customer.

When it happens, be prepared!

Learn more about Review Generation, Reputation Management and Review Streams to your website.


Explore the Full List of Features and Benefits of Mobile High 5’s Mobile Ordering Platform

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated Solution
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Orders Thru Website
  • Table Side Ordering
  • Pre-Orders
  • In House Delivery With Zone Capabilities
  • New Order Audible Alert
  • Order Acceptance App
  • Phone Alert If Order Not Accepted Within 3 Minutes
  • Email Alert if Order Acceptance App is Offline
  • Ability to Pause Ordering App
  • Connects to Available Wireless Thermal Printer
  • Customer Convenience Fee Pricing, Commission-Free
  • Table Reservations
  • Order Confirmation
  • QR Code For Digital Menu
  • Social Graphic with QR Code To Promote Online Ordering
  • Graphic For Flyers to Insert with To Go Orders
  • Mobile Subscriber Database – Capture Customer Name
  • Address, Mobile Number
  • Flat, Fixed, Predictable Credit Card Fees
  • Full Reporting

Available Features

  • Low Cost, Fully Optimized Website Including Domain
  • Curbside Pickup – Two Way Text Alerts
  • Enhanced Loyalty Program
  • Additional Text Blasts – Drive New Orders To Online Menu
  • Additional Text Blasts – Drive New Orders With Special Offers /
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Customized Promotions Engine For In-Menu Offers
  • Reputation Management / Review Management
  • Birthday Club
  • Auto-Engagement for Lost or Lapsed Customers
  • Waitlist (Table is Ready)
  • Monthly Contest
  • Branded Mobile App

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