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Add a Birthday Clubs to your Loyalty Program

Birthday Clubs

Reward Customers with a Special Birthday offer! Offers are sent via SMS Text Message through our automated platform. Customers receive Birthday offers based on the birthdate entered by the at the time of enrollment! We customize the advance timing and expiration dates based on your preferences.

With no effort on your part, customers receive offers a few days before the big day.  Your brand is right there to help them celebrate!

Hear Our Clients Talk about the benefits of SMS Text with a Customized Integrated Loyalty Program!

Increase Revenue

Customers spend more with a celebration! This creates a perfect opportunity to entice customers back in the door!

We have several tools to gather birthdates -on kiosks in-store, via webforms on-line, our mobile web app and we can also request information via text after they join, if they did not enter it initially.

Each month, automatically drive 1/12th of your customer base back into your store, consistently!

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