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Introduce Automation Into Your Student Dismissal Process

Safe dismissal of students is of utmost importance: parents, teachers, and managers of educational institutions. Student Dismissal processes are used by daycares, schools, after-school programs, and extracurricular programs.  

School Dismissal Manager is a system that provides tools needed for the safe and efficient dismissal of students

It is a challenging task to dismiss hundreds of students in an hour or less. Confirming the parents’ identity or that of people there to pick up is essential. After that, it is challenging to unite each child with their parent. Therefore, student pick-up time is one of the most stressful times for school staff.

Challenges for Safe Dismissal from School

Dismissing students from School is challenging in many ways. Students are hungry, tired, restless, and eager to go home. Parents are anxious to pick up their children and be on their way. There may be hundreds of children dismissed at the same time. Thus, it results in hundreds of cars passing through the school premises. In the end, there are hundreds of adults to be matched with the right children. And all this has to be done in less than an hour.

Teachers do this complex task every day, and they deserve all our appreciation. At the same time, the latest and simple technology can help teachers. It lets them do their job with less stress, more safety, and outstanding efficiency.

Best Steps for Safe Dismissal from School

These critical steps create a safe and orderly Student Dismissal experience every day. They need planning and good execution.

1) Registration of adults allowed to pick up students

At the time of enrollment, register details of parents and other adults permitted to pick up each student at school dismissal. Need to record photo ids, car details, and further identification segments to ensure safe student dismissal. Student Dismissal Manager stores this information electronically.

2) Maintaining an updated list of adults allowed to pick up each student

Keep the list updated periodically, asking parents to confirm or update the details.

Have a clear and strict procedure to verify each adult at dismissal.

3) Technological tool to communicate with adults at student dismissal.

We offer technological tools to communicate with parents during school dismissal. These tools alert teachers as parents arrive on the school premises. Teachers have enough time to locate and dismiss students. Parents do not have to wait too long to pick up their students. The process runs smoothly and efficiently without bottlenecks. Students’ dismissal runs safely.

Safe, Contact-Free Student Dismissal Options from Mobile High 5

We offer two different options, depending on the student dismissal process at your institution.

1) Waitlist Solution for Student Dismissal

The Waitlist is best if you are inviting parents inside for student pick-up.

It works by providing Parents with a tag that has a QR code.

Parents scan the QR code upon arrival at School.

They receive a form to complete. Parents fill out this form with their name, child’s name, their mobile number. They get added to the Waitlist.

Staff is alerted to arrival. The system can send a templated message to the parent when their child is ready. This process invites them inside for a safe pick-up.

Waitlist School Dismissal Manager – Features

  • Pick-up queue status is available to parents. At the same time, they can update their arrival status.
  • School staff can send a custom message to parents if need be.
  • Schools can create templated messages for quick standard responses.
    Staff can view how long a parent has been on the Waitlist.
  • Teachers manage the queue by marking waitlist items completed to keep the list fresh.

2) Curbside Solution for Student Dismissal by Mobile High 5

Our Curbside Student Pickup solution is best if you walk children to the parent’s car. It is a two-way texting, SMS system.

Parents send a text upon arrival at School for dismissal.

The school team receives an alert when the parent arrives for pick-up.

Our system will automatically reply to request the student’s name, parent name (or guardian), and car make and color. It has the capacity for additional safety protocols required.

Staff members bring the student to the parent/guardian at the vehicle for a safe dismissal.

As a result, it will free up your phone lines.

If needed, follow a similar process for student drop-off in the morning.

Download our Curbside Guide. Or call us at 484-325-5725

Here are some school dismissal tips.

Information for Parents

Wait times will be reduced with the implementation of our service. Our process can be implemented with keeping children indoors until you arrive, so students are not outside in the cold or heat awaiting pickup.  

Information For School Administrators

The dismissal process will be improved through realtime communication with parents arriving to pickup their children. Teachers will appreciate the reduced stress and simplification of the dismissal process. You may be able to add time back for education.

Information For Teachers

Improved School-wide communications. More meaningful time with students and a more orderly dismissal process. More time in class and less time standing in lines for dismissal.