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SMS for Hiring - Leverage Texting for Your Recruiting Process


Gather applicants for your openings 24 / 7

With unemployment rates at historic lows, hiring the right people and hiring quickly are critical factors for small businesses. If your business has to hire, you want to be able to respond to applicants instantly! That is where Mobile High 5 SMS for Hiring service excels. We provide several tools for applicants to apply instantly, learn more about your business, job openings and our program allows you to respond instantly to applicants. We’ll set up a keyword campaign for you so that when an applicant texts in that word, they will receive a custom mobile web form to complete. You receive an alert when an applicant submits their information and you can respond instantly.

We have tools like kiosk tablets with customized slide shows that you can display, as customers may be the best to refer applicants to you. These are very effective for businesses with high turnover rates for certain roles. Set Up Is Quick & Easy

SMS is short, sweet and convenient!

Automate Responses to Job Applicants and Get alerted instantly!


SMS for Hiring Campaigns

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Let Mobile High 5 set up an automated SMS for Hiring Campaign for your hiring and recruiting process for job openings.

  • These campaigns can be set up to respond instantly when an applicant scans a QR code or texts in a keyword to your designated phone number. (In most cases, we can text enable your business phone line.)
  • We can send a customized web form where applicants provide their contact information and respond to questions, like preferred shift. You can send them to a web page or application upon submission, you can provide them with more information about your company, benefits and your team.
  • You’ll want to keep the initial questions brief. You can then ask qualified applicants for additional information or to set up an interview time.
  • SMS for Hiring Campaigns are versatile from welcoming a new candidate to apply, to sending them additional information and to scheduling an interview.

Get a powerful Hiring Call to Action in place today with Mobile High 5!

Whether you are recruiting and hiring for nurses, restaurants, wait staff, retail store associates, chefs, bartenders, front of house, back of house, drivers, celery staff, a Now Hiring Campaign from Mobile High 5 can speed up the hiring process.

Why use SMS Text for my Hiring Process?

Well, one of the most important benefits for recruitment is the speed of your response. Those first impressions really matter and when applicants can the get the information they need within seconds, they will look forward to joining your team!

There is currently a race for talent and firms that can respond the quickest will have an edge in hiring the best candidates.

Our autoresponders can simply work while you are away or outside of normal business hours. In other scenarios like responding to applicants, you can provide information directly, instantly and consistently until you are free to follow-up.

We can also set up an optional tablet so you can inform customers that you are hiring. You will be surprised by the number of referrals you will receive!  

Set up an appointment with us and we can review the benefits of using SMS to hire new employees!

Learn about the Effectiveness of SMS for Hiring

You’re a busy business owner, business professional or Human Resources manager: It is manna from heaven when you find any tool or hack that can be set up once and will complete work for you on an ongoing basis!

While you are focused on your core responsibilities, our hiring autoresponders can be provide applicants with an instant response and alert you when there is a new submission. You can establish automatic replies with links to specific pages on your website or a quick video from a member of your leadership team.

In today’s environment the speed of response can make a significant difference between becoming fully staffed or remaining short-staffed and the management team having to fill in, receiving sub-optimal customer satisfaction ratings or even turning customers away due to staffing shortages.

Your auto responders work 24/7 for you automatically. Mobile High 5’s responses are sent via SMS Text which enjoys a 98% open rate compared to 16-20% for email. We’ll develop one of more autoresponder campaigns specifically tailored for your hiring process.

We help you select a great Keyword for your campaign. You can also set up campaigns for different roles that you are hiring for. Applicants simply text that keyword to the special phone number we provide you and they will receive a bounce back message automatically. This response can include links to a mobile web form to apply, links to a job hiring web site, or links to videos from the hiring manager.

Each campaign is customized for your business.

The powerful advantage of SMS Text is that you enable an instant response and capture the applicants attention.

If you would like to see an example of an autoresponder in action, text High5 to 55678 and follow the prompts! Message and data rates may apply.

Here are some Initial Steps to help you Get started:

  • Engage Mobile High 5 for your business
  • We’ll provide a special phone number for your business or organization, or text enable your existing business line
  • Decide on a Keyword for your Now Hiring Campaign, like JOBS or HIRE
  • We work with you to design, test & implement an Auto Responsive Campaign
  • Decide what additional information you want to provide to prospective hires
  • Keep the applicants engaged with valuable information and content
  • Spread the word through social posts, social ads, printed materials, in-store kiosks in-store signage and digital marketing

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