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MMS Marketing, Multimedia Messaging: Add Pictures, GIFs to Drive Sales




Increase Customer Engagement - Use SMS Text with an integrated Loyalty Program - Add a picture for even better results with MMS!

When you start an SMS Text Program, standard SMS Text messages can be very effective when you have a clear call to action and / or a link to a mobile coupon or loyalty reward. Once you build a base of mobile subscribers use the Power of MMS Marketing to ignite more conversations, provide a much richer experience and get results like much higher engagement.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words: Include an appealing photo and you can easily see 30% higher engagement when compared to SMS, some businesses see results of 120 – 150% higher engagement. We provide you with more characters to use with an MMS Message, so you’ll have plenty of room for the details of your event, offer or new product

MMS picture messages not all text Features are created equal: MMS is Uniquely Engaging!

Deliver rich content to customer’s mobile phones. MMS, known as Multi-Media Messages, can include audio, video, pictures, and up to 500 characters of text. These MMS messages, in MMS Marketing, also feature a short, bold heading that initially catches the attention of your customer.

Picture messages easily create 30% and higher greater engagement than standard SMS Text messages. When execute properly the image or video triggers an emotional reaction.

MMS Marketing is a perfect choice when you want to:

  • promote a quick video, releasing a new product line or new feature;

  • show a preview for a newly listed property, then provide a link to a video tour

  • include a picture of representative merchandise that will be included in your sale or trunks show, then include a link to a mobile coupon with the details

  • when you wish to target a narrower segment of your entire contact list; use a target list based on over 35 data points that we capture.

MMS Marketing gives you plenty of flexibility to say what you need to more elegantly describe your offer. With 500 characters of text, you can personalize the message to include the customer’s name, have two links. In addition to a link to the mobile coupon, add a link to an online ordering page, menu or a featured products page of your website. You can add the name of top designers or brands and you can describe the offer eloquently.

Reach Your Customers Instantly for flash sales and special offers!

SMS Text alerts

Send offers, rewards and alerts directly to your customers via SMS Advertising. MMS Marketing include 160 characters and may include a link. Reach your customers instantly with an open rate of 98% within 5 minutes! We recommend that clients send at least 2 messages per month to keep their business top of mind with clients.

This is the unsung hero nature of your program. Not every customer will react and make a purchase for every offer, however, they are gently reminded that you are there for them when they are ready to make a purchase. Many brands spam customer’s email box, to the extend that emails now only see a 20% open rate, on average. That sounds more like hope (spray & pray) than strategy.

Text is quick and easy for customers to consume, and they do not have to manage in inbox. With social media, you are not able to reach 100% of your customers or followers and many of your followers may not even be genuine customers. It’s really a matter of where you choose to focus your limited time and resources. Save time with our full service approach.

Be smarter and build your very own mobile subscriber list!

Send Targeted Offers!

Personalization through Data

Engage a specific segment of your database with customized offers sent via SMS or MMS Texts. The more customized your MMS Marketing messages, the higher your engagement! Consider you data collection strategy from the start. We work closely with to manage messages so that you can collect information on customer preferences along the way. For example, if you have a birthday club, some customers may not have responded initially.

That’s fine, we can periodically gently remind customers to join by replying with their birthday. Birthday offers have high redemption rates, so it is important to review your contacts periodically. We provide a robust capability of 18 customizable data elements to capture customer preferences and attributes. That is in addition to standard fields such as name address, state, zip, date the customer joined, birthdate, etc.

For loyalty clients we also are able to track number of points, last date the customer visited, last redemption, status within the loyalty cycle and other attributes. The ability to send messages to a segment or target list is that you save messages, but you can identify populations that are truly different!

15 minutes could help really grow your business!

Learn how to build your own mobile subscriber list& use MMS messaging!