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See how our Shop, Dine, Buy Local Programs work:

If you are a Chamber of Commerce, Business Association, Shopping Mall, Apartment Complex, Downtown District or local Bank, talk to us to explore mobile marketing. When you partner with Mobile High 5, you will drive more foot traffic to member merchants or small business clients with powerful engagement tools!

Does your Business District need to Boost Engagement?

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The Shop Dine Buy Local Program

from Mobile High 5 is a tremendous value-added service that increases the volume of business within your community. The program offers amazing benefits, including:

  • Increase community engagement (which results in more customers and more business)

  • Increase the frequency of customer visits which drives higher revenue

  • Overall increase in economic activity

  • Keep more dollars circulating among local business owners to spur continued growth

  • Build a strong, resilient and supportive mobile – centric community!

Explore “Buy Local” SMS Text Programs from Mobile High 5!

Easy and simple for community members to opt-in to the program by:

  • Send a keyword to a short code,

  • Scan a QR Code, or

  • Enter info into a form on the chamber or merchant websites.

Customers receive offers from local businesses and alerts about community events delivered right to their mobile phone.

Mobile coupons are delivered via text after a customer joins your program. You can periodically send alerts to the list for certain community events, sales or new offers.


Mobilize your Buy Local Program with SMS Text!

Our Clients talk about the benefits and results of having a Full-Service SMS Text Program with Integrated Loyalty!

The program can be structured in different ways. One suggestion is to create a new premium member category. Merchants that want to participate in the program can join in. Once others business owners see how effective the program is, more will want to join the higher tier membership. For local banks with small business clients, consider a monthly or weekly program that will send offers to retail customers, directing them to your small business clients. Similar to a “T-Mobile Tuesday” program, but hyper-focused locally.




Partner With Us To Leverage the Power of Mobile!

Want community members to buy, Shop & Dine local? we make it happen!

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Shop Local

Many Business Associations promote a BUY LOCAL or SHOP LOCAL theme, but sadly, most often there is absolutely zero marketing support behind it.

We create an affordable program to get customers involved in your monthly events, First Fridays, etc. and seasonal festivals.

Customers text a keyword into a short code or scan a QR Code and enroll in special offers delivered directly to their cell phone.

We drive more business to your local merchants!


Dine Local

Alert local constituents to dine at local cafes and restaurants. All permission based. Generate more revenue for local proprietors.

We create a unique program for your local pubs, cafe’s and restaurants.

Participating establishments each have a special offer that can be redeemed right from the customer’s mobile phone.

This allows visitors to sample new dining options every month or to participate in your local restaurant week or fundraising event. It’s the perfect program to drive business to local member businesses.


Buy Local

Any local business or service professional can also participate. Provide free trial offers, initial consultations, initial assessments, etc.

By extending mobile offers you increase engagement in your local business development district and keep those dollars recirculating in your local economy.

Use the power of mobile and your merchant members will thank you and their customers will thank you! Get more information on DINE | SHOP | BUY LOCAL programs from Mobile High 5.

Connect Directly with Members - Instantly!

Having challenges connecting directly with your own Chamber or Association members? Your Chamber or Association can also use the Power of Mobile for Text Message capabilities for internal communications or member communications. Send a text blast to remind members of events, chamber or committee meetings, even create a distribution for a large event to get all volunteers on the same page!

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