Text Blast Messages - Overview


SPecial Offers & Updates

Text Blast messages are cost effective at providing incentives, offers and updates regarding your business right to customer’s mobile phones. If you have a sale, special offer or event, you should be using a Text Blast to drive in traffic.

Get Mobile High 5 and Get Results!

Get Mobile High 5 and Get Results!



We recommend at least 2 text blasts per month to maintain engagement with your customer base. Text messages have a 98% open rate within 5 minutes, so this is a primary method to keep your brand top of mind. Because explicit opt-in is required, your mobile subscribers WANT to hear from you and will thank you with a higher level of engagement in return!

Custom branded

Shareable on Mobile / Links to Facebook & Twitter

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We provide custom branded mobile coupons, links to mobile web pages or multi-media pictures with your messages. Mobile Text offers are Shareable and when an existing customer shares to a new contact, the new customer opts into the program to receive the offer! We can also link your Facebook page* so that each Text Offer is posted to your Facebook page. (*subject to Facebook’s requirements).


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