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Text to Win Sweepstakes

Customers Love to WIN!

Customers Love to WIN!

Drive engagement and results!

Once of the most effective ways to create excitement with your brand is an ongoing monthly sweepstakes. This can also help you build your subscriber base.

Leverage this great SMS Marketing tool to increase participation combined with the potential for customers to win prizes.

We custom program your loyalty kiosk, so customer check-ins with their mobile number, counts as an entry in your sweepstakes. Business owners determine a prize that works best for their customers such as a gift card, gift basket, loyalty points for rewards, merchandise or other prizes.

Our system will automatically select a random winner and notify them via text message pre-set date and time. In addition, we can automatically send a text offer to non-winners.

In essence, Everybody Wins!

Kiosks increase engagement, especially with monthly contests!

Kiosks increase engagement, especially with monthly contests!

Do you sponsor a booth at local festivals, fairs or business networking events? Use our tools and tablets to increase subscribers into your loyalty program. Use our tools in conjunction with a monthly sweepstakes for a prize.

Customers enter by texting a keyword to a short code, scan a bar code or QR code, or enter their mobile number into our kiosk.

You save time and we capture the customer data for you. When customers enter their mobile number and accept the terms, you may then reach out to those customers with additional information and special offers.

We can request customers complete their profile via a web form. Once completed, send an offer right to their phone to visit your business. No printing coupons or entry forms, and no data entry. Smart, easy and effective!

Many of your competitors are capturing emails on little slips of paper at local fairs. They have to manually enter customer information into a database. They do not realize those customers are providing you with their junk email address that they never check.

Think outside the box - Go Mobile! Get Mobile High 5!


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