Web Form & Web Page Overview


Web Forms

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We custom design opt-in web forms integrated for mobile, your website and Facebook fan pages.

Use forms for data collection, like customer preferences, capturing names for personalization or date of birth for your birthday club. You can also send a survey to your customers.

The more data we can collect, the more we can customize your messages and the higher engagement you will achieve!

Today you can differentiate your loyalty program with personalized, tailored offers sent to customers based on their preferences.


Capturing customer data is critical for personalization and segmentation.

the more information you collect over time, the more precise your targeting. Also customers will receive the offers and information according to their preferences. Sweet!

Mobile Web page

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Your customers are on their phones literally all day. Send them content designed to work on their phone via Text.

Great for special sales, trunk shows, events, fundraisers and other times when a 160 character SMS text isn’t enough space. We expand on the products, events and provide links to your website or social media pages.

We track and report total views which average between 29%-65%, significantly higher than if the same information was sent via email.


Let us promote your events and capture customer data

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